The affects of cancer on relationships

The affects of cancer on relationships

Whether we realise it or not, our life is based on relationships,all on different levels. We have our loved ones and family, then close friends, people we know from work, and people who help us in our lives like tradesman etc.There are people that we meet at various stages of our lives, that come and go. Sometimes it is hard to admit, but we really only have room in our lives for a few close friends outside our families.Time just doesn’t permit us to form too many lasting relationships. I know that some of my younger readers might disagree with me, particular when they look at how many ‘ friends’ they have on Facebook or followers on Twitter,but it is true. We all may know a lot of people, but

The joy of sharing experiences

It is logical of course, but how good does it feel when you are able to talk to someone who has experienced very similar issues to yourself? Sure, it doesn’t change your own situation, but you certainly feel a lot more comfortable knowing that the person you are communicating with really ‘gets’ what you are talking about. Our passions are raised, when we are talking about football, music, cars, women, men, politics or religion, with like minded people.We can really bare our souls to them, because we know that they really understand and share our emotions.I know when talking on some of the previously mentioned subjects, I can talk for ever, with passion, if I know that we are sharing common ground. What about when we have been ill? Sharing experiences is

Sibling donor stem cell transplant ( Suleika’s story)

Sibling donor stem cell transplant ( Suleika's story)

Todays post is an incredibly moving story from an inspirational young lady who is a writer in America. As you will know by now, I am the very grateful recipient of a life saving stem cell transplant.I have mentioned previously, about some of the emotions that people face, and this story, paints a very accurate picture regarding family relationships and more, when facing a life threatening illness.I would like to thank Suleika, for allowing me to share her story through this blog, and I know it will be of tremendous benefit for anyone facing similar issues. There are a lot of things about having cancer in your 20s that feel absurd. One of those instances was when I found myself calling my brother Adam on Skype while he was studying abroad in

A new year, but how do we plan now?

As most of my friends will tell you I am not really into massive celebrations, unless it is football related! So if I am honest, much as I enjoy the family and friend time of Christmas and the New Year, it never really feels like a time of celebration. I always have the same hope each year, which is that the coming year is an improvement on the previous ones. Of course, it never works like that, and in recent times, I have had some massive highs, followed by some very bad lows, never really quite sure what will happen next! So I am really going to tempt fate now! I am starting to feel positive, and this is usually where things start to go wrong, but I have seen it before, so know what to expect.The only

My own thoughts on the ‘power’ of cancer.

Today, felt very much like a ‘writing day.’ I am home alone, and it is freezing outside, so just having my computer for company, is normally a recipe for things to flow! However, the phone rang, a pal popped round, and a couple of articles landed in my inbox, so my focus was diverted.But as usual, after reading and chatting for the last few days, my subject matter for this post duly arrived. I am certainly aware of the effects caused by cancer, to my own life and the thousands of other people I have had the great pleasure to have come into contact with, but I then started to look at the bigger picture.My first thoughts were towards our main treatments of cancer, which are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. In my lifetime,

Young people and cancer. (Sam’s Story)

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have become very aware of the growing needs for support, on behalf of young people dealing with a cancer diagnosis.I also know from the feedback that I am receiving, that this blog is getting an increasing younger audience now, which is fantastic. Of course, social media is just one part of the story, but it’s importance is growing rapidly. It enables like minded people to be able to communicate, share experiences, and support each other. It is also helping organisations stay in touch, with the people that need them. My experience with this blog has shown how sharing experiences has helped many readers deal with some of their own issues. In fact what we have all found is that writing things down for others to read can be

How did I become a patient patient?

I have to admit that patience, was never a quality that I had in abundance. I have always been very impatient, and I guess that it is one of the characteristics that drove me on in my life, certainly in my career. Never waiting for things to just happen. Always looking to make the most of any opportunities that came my way.Trying to take control of my life and steer it in the direction that I wanted it to go. Then I got my news! To me, not being well, was having a cold, or at the worst flu. Even then I would still go to work. As far as I was concerned, I had a plan, and a bit of illness wasn’t going to upset it.” How long will I be off

Stem cells and Santa!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! The season of goodwill to all men. Parties, presents, drinking,eating, and enjoying ourselves. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? For most people it is. They might also remember that it is a religious holiday too. But unfortunately, cancer doesn’t take any time off, and continues it’s relentless progress, celebration time or not. I am experiencing at first hand, the pressure that patients can feel over the festive season. The difficulty of doctors and staff being away. Ensuring that you have enough medication to see you through the period.Worrying about what will happen if you do get sick, over this period. The hospital with far less staff than normal, if you do. However, this time is a particularly poignant time for me.

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