Why I do what I do!

‘How many people have been blessed through the suffering that you and your family has gone through, that has brought you to where you are now- doing great things to help bring hope to people that might not see much hope?  So many, I’m sure.  I know it’s easy for someone like me to talk lightly about suffering, but I really do think that, although God doesn’t cause suffering, he’ll often turn it into a great power for good and I see that, in what’s happening in your life. I know you don’t believe all the things that I believe about Jesus, but he is God and we are all made in his image and the only way the good stuff he wants, gets done, is if we do it. 


This morning I have the feeling of frustration and I don’t know why! To establish that it was frustration I was feeling I checked the dictionary definition and it said – ‘the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals’. That is definitely the emotion I have today. I have always found it strange, why, for no apparent reason you wake up with a different emotion than the one you went to bed with. My weekend was quite relaxed. We all went to football (although that was frustrating!!) then we went to dinner with friends, which was great. We also had a relaxing day yesterday, so why on a bright sunny day do I feel this way? Firstly, I think that most of my friends have gone off to

Can’t we just talk?

Can't we just talk?

I have spent a majority of time this week around hospitals and have had plenty of time to think. One of the things that has occurred numerous times this week is the subject of basic human communication. I would like to start, with my quote of the week. When asked by someone if there was an answer to a question that was asked last month, the reply came, ” We haven’t heard back from our Communications Department yet” I felt a deep sense of irony and had a wry smile to myself! One of the biggest issues for a lot of people in hospital is waiting times for their appointments. I have seen numerous ways of this being dealt with. Pin boards stuck on the wall with paper messages, hi

A time for reflection

Wow, what a last three days I have had. On Monday/Tuesday I had more dialysis, and after finishing treatment on Tuesday afternoon, I was driven to the funeral of one of my very dear friends. Then I went to do a talk about Buddying. On Wednesday I had an appointment with a specialist who after various scans and tests confirmed that I have Graft Versus Host Disease on my tendons. This means that the major muscles in my limbs are like taught elastic bands, and everything aches whenever I move. I can’t even straighten my fingers or hands.The treatment I am having for this is improving things but it will be a slow gradual process, so we will see what happens. After that appointment, I had my weekly fix at Macmillan. As you can

Life planning??

Life planning??

Yes, it’s nearly the end of the weekend again. Those of you who work will be starting to think about what lies ahead, and maybe trying to prepare in some way. A presentation to work on, or a report to write. Maybe some preparation for a meeting that you have, or your boss wants to talk to you in the morning!! Who knows what the week will bring? Who we will talk to or meet. It could change our lives, for better or worse. I heard a very good clip of an interview with Nigel Adkins the manager of Southampton FC. When asked about the prospects for his team in the future, he mentioned that he was only concerned with today. His point was that he could only effect the future by

Is your life all about timing?

Is your life all about timing?

Yesterday I was in London for a very important meeting. I was in good time, and selected a random spot to stand, awaiting my tube. It was busy and I got on the train. I grabbed the first handrail, and standing next to me was a very good friend of mine, who was going to a business meeting. He didn’t know I was coming to town and I didn’t know he was either.If we had planned to meet like that it would almost have been impossible! That prompted my thought for the day. I started to think about a lot of the major turning points in my life, and I can say that in nearly every case things have happened for me at the right time. Is that about luck? Do you

Today is a missing work day!

I explained on yesterdays post, how much I enjoyed my work with the group. I am already looking forward to tomorrow when I will be seeing my colleagues at Macmillan.Then the following day I am attending a Macmillan Council meeting, which will be an opportunity to talk to the Board about some of the work we are involved with. Although I am feeling very tired, I am having one of those days, where I long to go to work! I am sure that a lot of you reading this might think I must also need mental help as well. I am busy  today with a lot of paperwork and phone calls to do. In between, people pop in and want to chat, so it is not that I need more to do. In fact

The good work never stops

The good work never stops

On the first Monday of every month, I help facilitate a support group for prostate cancer patients at my local cancer centre. This is a role that I have been doing,(subject to my own health) for approximately three years. It is a day that I look forward to, and I thank the centre and members for welcoming me and making me feel a real part of the group. The members are all different personalities and experiences and at different stages of treatment, but have that very strong common bond of a cancer experience, which they are only too happy to share with each other. The benefit of a support group is that everyone can tap into other peoples experiences,to help them with their own decisions. As I have said many times before,

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