Don’t Let Fear Stop You Living!

A frightened lady

So this year I have started with a regular dose of ‘New Year enthusiasm.’ (See my previous post.) Attempting to close out some of the national disasters from last year and stay focussed on the potential that is here for…

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I’m Ready For 2023!

Man's arm with watch

Wow, what a year 2022 was! I guess many of us thought that once the ‘covid years’ were behind us, we could try to rebuild our lives and the country. So how did that go for everyone? We were rocked…

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I Was Born Again At Christmas

A picture of me at work after starting my chemotherapy in 2007 (1)

Personally I’m not a lover of the festive season. Many who know me, call me the Grinch! But I have seen how many people can be adversely impacted at this time of year. Thinking of family or friends no longer…

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The Word: the emotional power to heal or harm?

Words Have Power (Title Slide)

For some time now, I have been noticing how increasingly important the correct use of language is, within the healthcare sector. You will have seen a spectacular example of that in my recent post, ‘Why Cancer Language Really Matters.’ Interestingly,…

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A Cancer Story From Australia

Ceara Rickard

Nobody wants to join the Cancer Community but once a member, many of us have found and given support over the years. I’m fortunate and get to speak to people across the globe. It’s interesting to see how much we…

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Why Cancer Language Really Matters!

The Power family

There is still so much to learn about how we communicate regarding cancer. A big part of my work is raising awareness of how common cancer actually is in our lives. How we must learn to adapt the way we…

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Urgent Help Please (UK only)

Camera filming a female

The BBC is looking at cancer and delayed treatment times. Have you been, or are you currently waiting more than 2 months to start your cancer treatment? You would need to be filmed, and the programme will be broadcast next week. This will be…

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Where Is The Cancer Cash Going?

Money being flushed down the toilet.

To think I was worried about the lack of publicity for cancer, as the UK tears itself apart! Finally, it’s appearing again, but not in any positive way. How could it? Practically no attention paid to the disease for at…

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The Importance Of Humour!

Two ladies smiling

This post was prompted by some quite acidic responses I saw on Twitter, to an account that uses humour frequently in their conversations. We are certainly living in crazy times. It is natural that a lot of anger and frustration…

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Should We Increase Cancer Screening?

mammogram in process

Logic of course tells us that we should be doing more, by improving, and increasing our cancer screening programmes. If you are one of those many people whose life has been saved by early screening, you will of course be…

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