2020 Is The Time For Positive Thoughts And Actions!

Back in 2007 seeing 2010 was a massive ambition! Now I am entering 2020, and it feels good. Not only am I still alive but able to help people across the globe by using my own experience, there are business challenges too! My life is full in a positive way, with plenty to keep me busy and taking time to watch my grandchildren grow up. Although my body is struggling to cope now with some of the long term effects of my treatment, I am extremely grateful for everything I have. Yes I am slowing down and using my experience to work more efficiently. Taking time between tasks to conserve energy, but I understand that my choices are limited.

Speaking in Warsaw

In recent years there has been so much negativity in the world. From politics to economics, both nationally and internationally. Working in the cancer sector there is rarely a day that goes by without someone dying of this terrible disease. Even I struggle at times to keep smiling! But I can see big results in what I am doing. Our charity SimPal is helping more people than ever and demand for my work across the globe is increasing rapidly. What we all need more than anything else is positivity. Very difficult to find that around cancer I know, but there are many lives that have been changed for the better. Mine is one!

Of course, it was a shocking day when cancer entered my life. All conversations at that time were focused around preparing for my death. From being a healthy man to one who was probably dying within 6 months took a lot of getting used to. The rest is history and here I am using my experiences to help others. I’m now working with some of the worlds experts in blood cancer and stem-cell transplants. Something I could never have visualised.

If it were my choice I would still be working in my previous business, earning good money and abusing my body! But it isn’t, and I have been dealt a very different hand. No why’s or what if’s, just the reality of what has happened. So I have to work with what I have now. Being real has helped me. Cancer is such a vast enemy that one man can only make so much difference. However I can improve this sector will be more than what was happening before. If I can help one person every day then I will be thrilled.

I have always had big ambitions, wanting to be the best person I can, and love competition! This has constantly driven me on, and will continue to do so! My goals are always high, but tinged with the reality of working with cancer and it’s side effects! The importance of constant adjustment has never been more important. Change has become the new normal. Working on a smaller scale is helping me keep up in such a fast moving sector.

At Croydon social prescribing event April 2019

If you look around, you can generally find good things, but unfortunately it is the bad things that make headlines. With the availability of news 24/7 particularly on social media we tend to think that the world is a bad place, it isn’t! Of course there are some terrible people around and shocking things occurring, but that has always been the case. Of course we can do better, but why not make 2020 the year when we look for the positives?

More and more of us are being affected by cancer, but there are some positives. The biggest is that more of us are living with, than dying of cancer. We are not going to find a cure for cancer any time soon, but let’s not be held back by that. Whilst we continue searching for it, we need to work harder to help the people surviving cancer enabling them to thrive, not just survive. I believe this is possible with some relatively simple changes and little cash investment. But there has to be the will and a much greater feeling of meaningful collaboration between large healthcare organisations.

So let us make 2020 the year that we think and work positively. That is my aim!! #SmileWithChris As always please feel free to share your own views and experiences below.


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