A beautiful world!


Well here he is Chris, not the best photo but will send you better ones when we have downloaded them!!

“Loved the programme, the blog is inspiring i love reading it and you do have the effect of making us sit up and think, thank you”

” Re your blogs, they are the most inspirational dignified and eloquent pieces I have ever read” lolxxx

I wanted to dedicate this post to two very good friends of mine, who have emigrated to France. They have had some very difficult times over the years, and we have supported each other through thick and thin. Above is the first picture of their first born, son Thomas. I consider myself to be very privileged to receive the pic this morning.

My friends also wrote the above comments re the blog, which helped put things into perspective for me. It is wonderful to have a medium, such as the internet where we can communicate in the way we do, instantaneously, to our phones /portable devices. We can reach almost anyone, anywhere in the world.

We can read our messages whenever we like, at home, in the office, or anywhere we choose from our phones etc. What a tool this is for people like me, which is now enabling me to reach a much wider audience!

I was concerned, when I first started writing, that I would not be able to communicate emotions into words. I knew what I was feeling, and I had never thought about how I would write it. But it seems like that was a problem I didn’t have to worry too much about, judging from the positive comments I receive. To be communicating with people round the world now is an incredible thing for me.Thank you to everyone who is following this blog.

I was aware that I often write about negative things that happen in peoples lives, and that is why I wanted to include young Thomas in this post. Daily, there are so many wonderful things that are happening , that sometimes we forget about those, and focus on the bad stuff. War, economic issues, law and order and petrol panicking are just a few of those things. But there are also so many good things too.

Why is it that it seems easier to be negative than positive? It sometimes feels that maybe we need to make more of an effort on the positive stuff. Sure the bad stuff is a fact of life, and needs sorting out, and sometimes, we may need to see some negative stuff to understand what good things we do have in our lives?

After all, would we appreciate our holidays so much if we didn’t work to earn them????   What do you think??  Celebrations all round at the start of another miracle life I say XXXX


  1. Well said Chris and Thomas is utterly adorable!

    You’re so right about holidays too. I was just thinking today that I’m lucky to work in a place that so many people need support from every day and where they get respect and care from the staff and cutting-edge treatment. It makes me pretty proud and while I love being on holiday, it’s good to get back home too. I spoke with a new fundraiser today who told me he’s chosen to run the Brighton Marathon for us on 15th April because his wife was treated here. He said that everyone he came across from the Security staff to the doctors and nurses were kind and respectful, and above all, everyone seemed happy!

    Isn’t that lovely?! Anyway, just wanted to say that you’re right on track as ever and I think your blog is great.

    Looking forward to catching up with you again soon xx

    • Hi Maribel
      Thanks for your very pensive comments.We are both in a unique postion with the work that we do.We do see some negative things but the positive stuff is so good! It really is a pleasure to be in a position to add something positive to peoples lives.
      Your new supporter was right, and that is what convinced me to do what I do.As you know,I have always received that sort of response from every member of the team at Georges, and I was always aware that it was consistent. It’s always good to hear that feed back from the people you are supporting.
      Really pleased you are still enjoying the blog. Lots of good stuff still to come!! See you soon, Chris

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