A life after surgery (Breast Cancer)

We are certainly well and truly back into the work routine, after a couple of weeks off! Communication is starting to get back to its normal level, and as usual, the ‘cancer world’ is moving quickly. I had planned a quiet start to the year, but early treatment, and a few interesting emails,have woken me quickly from my slumbers. 

However, the most important thing this week, was a communication I had with someone regarding issues of appearance, during cancer treatment. A subject that I feel very passionately about, as I am aware of the importance of it, psychologically, in the treatment pathway. It is a subject I will cover in greater depth in my next blog.

The below poem was written by a wonderful friend of mine. Here she talks candidly about her feelings of life after surgery. I would normally write more but I was so moved by this piece of work, it will talk for itself!

“Cancer’s not a journey, it’s a slog,
The media says fight to be “top dog”;
I’m being me, my mutilation’s fine,
I just can’t be a health freak all the time!!!
Whilst I look slightly changed, I’ll jolly on,
So why are you embarrassed -that’s just wrong?
Your fearing re occurrence cramps my style,
Could fashion be one boob, once in a while?
The sorrow gets me down because you see,
I’m actually rather proud of being me.

I’ve realized my body’s an illusion,
You’ll grow old too, and cells are a confusion…
There’s definitely beauty still within,
But wanting it outside too, that’s my sin!
I’m not the same, but can I still be normal?
I want some frills, not function or formal,
I’ve conquered getting out, I would like swimming,
But plunging necklines limit somewhat gym’ing!

I’ve lots of skills I’ll add to my CV,
Unusual, I’m sure you would agree?
I’m capable of waiting, sometimes hours,
And when you think it’s pouring, I see showers…
If bald I’ll cheerfully acquire a hat,
There’s nothing I can’t face if I do that?
No confidence, no memory, mind a fuzz,
Yet just a lack of nausea is a buzz!

One day they’ll say the chemo was all crazy,
It hurts your heart and makes your thinking hazy!
The scars from radio’, the skin they burned,
The chunks of me where feeling’s not returned…
I’m hoping history will hold us a place,
We’ve taken what they threw for human case.
I think our future’s in our genes you know,
And maybe soon the surgery will go.
I like to think that we’ll have paved the way,
For better treatment, for a future day,
But meantime I’d like underwear with style,
The post op’ lingerie is really vile!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine, I know you care,
I know the bad times hurt and you were there;
And seeing as I managed to survive,
Can I be honest whilst I’m still alive?
Let cancer open up, not shut the door,
I want to say I’m better than before…”

I feel very privileged to be given the above piece to share with you! It is one person’s feelings, and we will all have our own.Please feel free to share yours below. 

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    • Thank you Elizabeth. I was moved when I was given it. I was delighted my friend was happy to allow me to share it. I felt it was a unique way of dealing with her emotions. My best to you for 2014, Chris

  1. Thank you for posting this. I was diagnosed with leukemia in December and I can relate to most of it. I just recently found your blog and I’m so happy I did. I reposted this with links to your page on my own blog. I hope you won’t mind.

    Thank you for the work you do and for being an inspiration to so many others with cancer.



    • Hi Ken

      Firstly I would like to wish you well, with your own health. It is a road that I have trodden for a long time now, as you will know from reading my blog. I am so happy that you have found my work, and are enjoying it.

      The biggest battle I face is trying to reach the number of people around the world, affected by cancer. I am spending more time to ensure that as many people as possible can find it.Thank you for sharing on your own site too.I have just opened a Facebook page which you might enjoy https://www.facebook.com/chriscancersupport

      Thank you so much for your very moving comments, and I look forward to welcoming you back to the blog soon, Chris

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