A life changing event. Inspired by Tina Nash

I wrote on yesterdays post, about maybe taking things for granted, which I am sure we all do at times. Imagine if you could no longer see? You couldn’t see your family, friends, sunshine or the beautiful scenery that this country has to offer.You could not see your children growing up. What a terrible thought. This is now how Tina Nash must face the rest of her life.

For those of you who may not know who Tina is, she is the lady that was beaten to a pulp by her partner, who then proceeded to gouge her eyes out.This incident took place last April, and the beast was sentenced yesterday. So Tina had started to rebuild her life the best she could and now she has had to relive that terrible night again, one year on.

One twist of fate and her life has been changed forever. No one knows how they will react to something life changing. In a way you just make it up as you go along, because there are no rules or guidelines. I was absolutely inspired by an interview I saw with this lady, and I wanted to publicise a few of her quotes, as I feel that at times when we are feeling low and sorry for ourselves, we can think of what someone like Tina is going through.

Apparently, losing her sight made her feel like she was buried alive, but she doesn’t want to be treated like a victim.

” I just woke up and thought I have got to get on with my life”

” I am trying to do everything, I am having a good go.I don’t want people to feel sorry for me because I don’t feel sorry for myself “

” I feel stronger and ready to take on new challenges “

” I feel a lot more confident, definitely. I am getting the old me back. I don’t think I am brave, just surviving “

” You only get one life so I am not going to let him ruin it “

” My life changed forever that night, and will never be the same, but I am now able to move on, start my treatment and rebuild my life “

Since my own experience started, I have been fortunate to meet so many inspiring people. Almost every day, I meet people who make me feel grateful for what I have. My work has taken me into a new part of my life that I would never have seen, if I hadn’t received my diagnosis. That was my, personal life changing moment, and mine was never the same again.
 I was very lucky that I had a very supportive family, and fantastic friends around me, without whom, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today.

Every day, there are people receiving life changing news. it is how we deal with that, that will form the new part of our life. I was dumb struck when I saw the BBC interview with Tina. You couldn’t fail to be inspired by her. She is one amazing woman. Some of her quotes were things that I have personally felt on my journey.

I just could not let this terrible case pass without writing my personal thank you to Tina for inspiring us with her words and deeds. I really hope that she is given all the support that she will undoubtedly need in the longer term. I would like to wish her well, as it seems that she is going to turn her attention to charity work.

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