A List For Living

I would like to start by wishing everybody a happy New Year! Over the years I have found the Christmas holidays a great time to reflect on what happened for me in 2016 and make a bit of a map for things I want to do in 2017. This has become even more important, after the terrible year of celebrity deaths we have just left. My mum also died last year and I have spent a long time trying to straighten everything out, after a very complex legal saga. So from that perspective a very emotionally challenging time.

It is ironic that I had already selected this subject before the deaths of Rick Parfitt, George Michael, and Carrie Fisher. Many of these people were ‘taken’ relatively early, but seem to have led ‘full lives.’ Money and fame helping them do many things that we can only dream about. But as I know only too well, it is about making the most of the time you have, to do what is important to you and your loved ones. The three people I mention above were all given second chances after numerous health and abuse scares. Some of us are changed irreversibly by what has happened, but others choose to continue on exactly the same path, even pressing harder on the accelerator.

These are the choices we are given, and what makes us human is how we all choose different things. A ‘bucket list’ is something that many of us affected by cancer talk about commonly.list-for-living-1 Facing our own mortality seems to wake us up, to the fact that life is limited, and it is time where possible, to do some things we have always wanted to before our life disappears. I refer to this as a ‘list for living.’ There have always been many things I wanted to experience and achieve in my life before cancer came along, but now my health and finances have changed, I have to reassess the realities and change my priorities a little.

There is not a day goes by that I am not aware that my ‘clock’ is ticking. Of course, anything could happen to any of us, but having had those end of life conversations maybe it is something you are more focused on? Last year was an incredible one for me work wise. We launched Your simPal and  I did more presentations than ever. My last two emails of the year were telling me I had been selected as a Fellow at the R.S.A (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce,) and an invitation to speak in Marseille in the New Year. From a work point of view I could not have hoped for more. Yes I can feel it taking it’s toll as I am very tired currently, but happier than I have been for some time.

This is because I can see positive results from all the work I have been doing in recent years. Doing all these things, whilst keeping my health as good as I can, is like running against Usain Bolt on one leg! My unreliable health has made things so difficult. But I have proved to myself that I can still do positive things, whilst having my health as a permanent handicap. Next year already has a busy start but I am aware that so far with my extended life I have pushed things very hard, and my next ambition is to write my book. There have been frequent requests for it, and in many ways it will be more valuable to people than my current work. It will be my legacy to others, and will hopefully show people that anything is possible if you have hope. But I will have to allow a big chunk of time for that!

Also on my ‘list for living’ I have a really crazy thing which I mentioned a few weeks ago, and that is a tattoo! list-for-living-2I have had so much encouragement from people just telling me to go for it, but it is so out of character for me, and my wife hates the idea!! I’m wondering if this is just a mid life crisis that I missed, as I was battling to stay alive at that stage in my life. But cancer has empowered me to go outside my safe zone! I know exactly the design I want too. Living my life in this way has become fun, and I never thought I would ever say that. I have no fear of situations and what others may think. It is enabling me to achieve things I never believed I could.

At some stage empowerment took over from fear, I didn’t really notice the change but what I do know is that my list for living will not be held back by fear and caution. The events of 2016 have made me refocus on some more personal things that I need to do, whilst life is still kind to me. I will also find the right opportunity to have my tattoo done, maybe sponsored for Your simPal and possibly on TV, that will be really fun!!

We all know that our lives rarely go to a plan, but I guess you have to have a direction of travel to start with? I’m sure that 2016 has made us all think much harder about our own personal ‘list for living’ and I would love to hear how last year worked out for you, and if you have any ambitions for this coming year?



  1. Wishing you and your family a great New Year, Chris! Loved ones can find changes we make scary, that doesn’t necessarily mean we shouldn’t make them. Having said that, I find myself between two extremes of loved ones – my mother trying to stop me changing and my daughter urging me to go for it. All good fun! Deb xx

  2. Thx Deb, and the same to you and yours! My intention with my cancer work is to be much more vocal and questioning of the corporates of our sector from top to bottom. I am tired of hearing the same waffle and I am in my 10th year now!

    On a personal basis you are absolutely right about change. I have been saying that I am now in the ‘go for it’ phase of my life. I love helping others and that dominates my entire life but I now feel free enough to be ‘selfish’ at times too!

    I see where both mum and daughter are coming from, and would probably be the same in either position. Certainly doesn’t make it easy though? Very best to you all Deb, it will all come out in the wash, I’m sure xxxx

    • Happy New Year to you Jo, and all my friends at the wonderful Living Tree! I’m certainly doing my best to live life to the full Jo. I’ve always done the best I can in that direction but the events of 2016 showed me that I need to accelerate things.
      Wishing you a very positive 2017 Jo, xxx

  3. Love this Chris. I too am ever conscious of how precious life is and how none of us are guaranteed time – life is for embracing! Good luck with the tattoo! So sorry you lost your mum in 2016. Keep up your great work x

    • Thx Maggie,yes despite launching YoursimPal last year I realised that I was allowing myself to bogged down in some unnecessary things in my work. I had forgotten many things about my personal life. So this year I will be even more ruthless with my time than I have been. We both know that cancer won’t wait for any of us, so 2016 was a wake up call, with my Mum etc. My best wishes for you and your family plus your campaign work. Give me a shout if I can help with anything xxx

  4. Good for you Chris!! I’ve never heard the term “cancer disrupter”, is that a term that is used widely? What does it mean? (I think I can guess but I’m really intrigued!) Have a great 2017 x

    • Hi Mel, lovely to hear from u and a happy 2017. Disrupter is used commonly now in business and tech. It means someone who works differently to the norm and does not accept a status quo. Always looking for new ways to do something. I hope all well with you xx

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