A positive couple of days!

Well one good thing is that Monday has come and gone. The bad travelling to and from the hospital is done, and most importantly, so is the treatment! My treatment has been changed from Fri/Sat to Mon/Tues as we always seemed to have a problem on Saturday. As I may have expained before, my veins are poor, meaning that they are very narrow because of the chemicals that have been put through them in the last few years.
The treatment that I am currently having, means that they have to find a good vein to connect me to. It seems like I only have one left that is convenient and therefore each time the same one is used. This has caused problems in the past and has meant that both I and the staff have struggled, as several fruitless stabs are attempted before treatment is delayed.
It seems that a change of days is the answer, and things have been very smooth in this session. I always find my time spent on the machine, quite useful as it gives me an opportunity to discuss things with other patients and to learn more about other issues. I am always interested in the diversity of people coming for treatment. It seems that I am very lucky in terms of where I live as I think that there are only 3 hospitals in the country with these machines, and suitably trained staff.People seem to come from all over the South of England, even as far down as Exeter. So despite my moaning and groaning I am very lucky, and I must try not to forget that.

Although St Georges is my second home, I now have a third one!! (St Thomas’s). The staff have been fantastic. They slotted me into their system very quickly, and I have got to know the team well now.Not really sure if they knew what to make of me when I first arrived, but since we did a bit of filming the girls are on board.
I would like to thank Bev for coming in to visit me today. Despite being there for her own issues, she took time out to bring me a sandwich and we had a great family catch up. Wish you better soon darling xx
I can honestly say that I am very tired now and my red cell count is dropping again, so they will keep an eye on that when I next go back. But tomorrow is my volunteering day, and a day where I am sure I will be involved with more lovely people.
I know I have mentioned it previously, but I am so lucky, meeting so many wonderful people, patients, health professionals and staff of the various organisations I am involved with.To be able to put a smile on someones face is an incredible feeling.
Bring on tomorrow!!!!!

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