A very different life now!

As you regular readers may know, I am always feeling a little thoughtful on a Monday morning.Today, more so than others. We have just had a lovely family weekend, and we were joined by our youngest son, his girlfriend and their daughter.They recently told us that Jo was pregnant so we were celebrating that, and also David informed us that his company had given him a new role, a good payrise, and regular trips to New York. We were very proud.

These were all things that I never thought that I would be alive to see.Still not sure if I’m suited to the grandfather thing, (certainly in my mind!) But it is so good to be around to see my children start to set down roots of their own. At their age, 26/28 there is little I can teach them, but just being around if they need me is great.

I am writing this post, with a daunting 3 day schedule in front of me. For no fault of my own, all the arrangements have fallen on top of each other. My treatment dates moved from Fri/Sat to Mon/Tues. The TV programme is being shown tomorrow, at the same time as I am in hospital!

I organised a fundraising evening, months ago and we chose tonight, as it was convenient for the entertainers and the restaurant, and the guests.We have open house tomorrow to watch the show. Our friends and neighbours will be joining Sue, but I won’t be able to be there!
Then when I get back, we will be going to football which is a rearranged game. Finally on Wednesday I am volunteering at Macmillan, which I love!


This made me think about all the things that I am busy with now, compared to life BC. In my old life, I would be looking at what the week of work would be holding for me, and any problems that might possibly bring me. I would be catching up with my colleagues about their w/end, then start the job of chasing customers, to achieve my weekly sales target.

Today, that sort of thing seems a long way off! Most importantly, my weeks are dictated by hospital appointments. Everything else has to be slotted round them. With my current treatment, vital, as if my body can’t correct itself from this issue, my life will be extremely difficult going forward. Normally I try to keep days in between what I do, so that I can rest. However if I do that now, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I enjoy, so my life would be worse.

As most of you know, I raise funds for the Ruth Myles Unit @St Georges hospital in Tooting. I have been doing this for more than four years.We have numerous events during the year and tonight we are doing a Jersey Boys Evening. This was an event that both the restaurant and entertainers were keen to put on for the charity. My friends, as always will be out in numbers.I don’t know if I will have the strength to eat my dinner let alone get out of my chair, but I need to be there.

Tomorrow the TV show will be on, and this has created a lot of interest. Unfortunately I will be at hospital when it is shown, but I will look forward to seeing it later in the day. That show only came about because of the voluntary work that I do. As did the work I do at Macmillan.

My life has been turned on it’s head, and all the areas that I touch now, I would not even have experienced had I not got sick. When I was having my Stem Cell Transplant back in 2007, I just couldn’t see what on earth I was going to do with my life, if I couldn’t work. In my head I had lost my total identity, with my job. All the things that I do now, have come about by a combination of hard work and good luck. I do feel that I have a new identity now, and sometimes I struggle to recognise my self.

I can tell you that it is going to seem very strange to watch my recent story on television, and see some of the lovely people that I have been able to help. I’m not sure if even I can believe what has happened to me in the last few years. It was a very emotional time, on camera, when it was explained some of the things I had done. I think if we didn’t have the pictures to prove it, I still wouldn’t believe that it has happened.

I will definitely have some rest once this spell is over!!


  1. Hi Chris, it’s Brian from Purley Support Centre.
    Just read your whole Blog over last few days. Inspirational.
    With all this work and your health problems how do you get the time and energy to write all this material. You must share your secret over a cup of tea one Monday morning.
    Enjoyed your TV programme yesterday. You are obviously highly regarded and you thoroughly deserve your rewards.
    Keep up your strength and motivation to keep yourself going and supporting others.
    From your last entry you get much support and enjoyment from your family. I know from my own experiences just how important that is. Make the most of it

    • Brian.Thank you so much for your comments.Really pleased you enjoyed the show. It was very humbling to be told those things and it was great that it focused a lot on my work, and has given me a bigger platform.
      I am aware, of the weaknesses of cancer support in this country and am trying to raise awareness and improve things.There is no secret really, just the feedback that I get seems to fuel me!
      Yes, you are right, my family has been my backbone,my wife in particular. Without their support I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. My life is very different now, but I am grateful for what I have. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Hi Chris, it was really nice and comforting to speak to you this morning.
    I have got no words to express my feeling towards you and how wonderful you really are, Chris you don’t have any idea, how many lives you have changed mentally and the impact you have made on others.This is my personal thoughts on how I see you.
    Fristly you are a kind hearted and very welcoming person whom has a magnetic personality,you have also given me confidence to put my cancer experience to use in a postive way to help others in my shoes.No matter what goes on in your life you still have time for others and that’s a gift I believe,even now after all what are going throught you still have an smile on your face.When I hear of all the work you have done and how you tried to reach out to the professional and patients to improve the wellbeing of the whole cancer to make it a better world.You are what everyones needs you are the Mahatma Gandhi of the cancer world,I am not saying that to butter you up.You truly are a amazing person with in unqiue quality, if you had half the chance you would concur the world by now.It is so healing for me to follow you and to face my fears, I feel I can pick up the phone and talk to you about anything, on that note please keep writing you are inspirtion to all of us we love you lots and keep fighting or you will have me to deal with. HA HA God Bless you keep in touch.
    Jas xx

    • Jas.What can I say?? Thank you so much for the above. It’s you guys that give me the energy to do what I do.If I didn’t know better you could be a groupie of mine!!
      Seeing you do what you do now, is such a reward for me I can’t tell you. The difference in you since we first met is incredible.I think you now have more confidence than I do!!Don’t forget you are the one who did it, I only helped you find the way.
      It is an absolute pleasure to work with people like you, in fact it isn’t really work at all. You make it so easy, but don’t tell everyone!! Thank you for putting into words what we have spoken about, it will be a great encouragement for others.Welcome to the team and I look forward to our meet up. Thanks again!!

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