Authenticity, Integrity And Honesty!

This week I had an interesting conversation about the future of charities. Of course the world is changing incredibly fast and I have to ask if they will still exist in their current form once the dust from Covid has settled? My personal view is that many won’t. Ironically there is a greater need for help now than there has ever been. But many are just too large and thus incapable of moving as quickly as society’s requirements. Another part of that conversation was about brand, and what it stood for now? Do organisations still do what they were set up to do? Or have they got side tracked into fundraising machines? My personal brand is about authenticity, integrity and honesty, which will never change!

Today I wanted to share an interview I did recently with the wonderful Dr Tuuli Bell (@TuuliBell.) Talking about my charity, what it does and why we exist. Also what we can do about improving the ‘digital divide.’ Thank you for your time Tuuli!

If you would like to make a donation to my work you can via our JustGiving page or by scanning/clicking the code below, for those with online banking. Thank you!

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