Cancer, The Alternative Views.

So, you have been diagnosed with cancer and are feeling frightened and confused. For most of us the path we find ourselves on will be similar. Into the NHS system, scans, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or watch and wait. Maybe a combination of all those? If you are lucky there may be targeted therapies suitable for you. Whatever the diagnosis, your plan will be given to you. Hopefully the treatment works and you go into remission, but more often, the treatment can be harsh and leave you with other issues.

But more frequently now I am seeing more people who choose not to go down the ‘traditional route.’ Those who believe that they can find more natural methods to deal with their cancer. Personally I have an open mind as there are normally more than one way to do things. But I selected the NHS recommended treatment due to the severity of my disease and urgency of treatment. This is a decision I don’t regret at all. Despite the pain my body has gone through over the years, I have had nearly 15 years of extra life.


Even with the progress in treatment, our methods of dealing with the disease have varied little. Basically we still poison, burn or cut out the tumours. Which still sounds barbaric, whatever fancy names those processes are given. I can certainly understand why people would start looking for alternatives. ‘Snake oil sales’ I can hear you say, yes indeed! Since the Internet opened up, you can find people selling all sorts and claiming a cancer cure. Special foods, supplements creams and various rituals. Supposed ‘medical people’ claiming modern day miracles. Even ‘patients’ recommending people or remedies that gave them life, when nothing else could. Disappearing tumours etc all possible with stories to back up these claims.

Now we have funding pages set up around the globe to pay for treatment outside the standard. People desperate for the last roll of the dice. I can fully understand why this has become common. Some are relatively successful, but many are not. How do you make a decision like this when you are in such a vulnerable place? Naturally there are many people out there willing to help you part with your hard earned money. Just recently I was contacted personally by a well qualified Professor who told me how he was curing tumours with a machine! He had even convinced himself this was happening, and produced emails from happy users of his service.

This piece was prompted by a communication I had from a gentleman called Danny Carroll @GNMIndia, who has had his own numerous encounters with cancer. Persuading him to look closer at the subject over more than twenty years. Danny has written a book and asked me to review it. I was astounded how much it opened my mind! There is plenty I don’t agree with, but some arguments that possibly could persuade me. Below is an excerpt:

“I’m sure that some of the people reading this will think I’ve completely lost my marbles and that’s perfectly understandable. We have been deeply conditioned by modern medicine to think that all diseases are caused by outside factors. These include viruses, industrial chemicals, bad lifestyle habits, etc. To get your head around the idea that most of our illnesses are caused by the emotional trauma in the mind is not such an easy pill to swallow – excuse the pun. The difficulty here is: This approach involves you taking responsibility for your own health.

This is much less convenient than outsourcing your health to your doctor and taking various pills to solve all your problems. However, I have found that this truth pill becomes much easier to swallow after doctors send someone home to die, telling them that nothing else can be done to help them. If you are reading this, it means that either you have been sent home to die or you know a loved one who has been given a diagnosis to this end. The good news is: A diagnosis like this is not the end of the line. In Dr. Hamer’s medical science, the Germanic New Medicine, there is no such thing as a terminal cancer. If you are alive and breathing, you can resolve the conflict that is causing your challenges and fully recover your health.”

Homeopathic medicine and herbs

In recent years we have seen how far progress of cancer treatments have fallen behind, particularly due to covid. But there are things being developed daily, however the route to general public is extremely long and arduous. We now know that one size fits all probably is doing more harm than good. We will need individualised treatment as soon as financially possible. It is starting for sure, but how long until it will be available to most, is anyone’s guess. As many aspects in cancer there are many things happening at the front end but it seems to take forever to reach the people who need it.

Due to the way things have been in healthcare for the last few years, I believe this progress will take even longer than usual. We need an effective way of reaching these people with all the options that might be available to them. Even the ones that may not necessarily have been considered previously. Maybe there is something in new style medicine, and maybe not? But we are at the stage where previous methods are still proving unsuccessful for many cancers. Like for many things these days, we should all open our minds more?

As always, these are my own opinions based on personal experienced. I found Danny’s book extremely interesting and certainly gave me some alternative views! If you would like to read more please go his website where you can apply for a free copy.


  1. Hi Danny,

    Thanks so much for inviting me to read your book! As you know that opened my mind more to how many others might view cancer and the treatment paths.

    How can we choose what is right for us if we don’t know what all the options are?

    Keep doing what you are doing my friend!

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