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De-Coding Women’s Cancers: (A Unique Perspective From Athena Lamnisos)

De-Coding Women's Cancers: (A Unique Perspective From Athena Lamnisos)

As you are aware my work involves working across all tumour types, as I see so many issues common to us whichever cancer we face. My experience has shown me that certain cancers are causing some unique problems for us, as it seems that for both males and females, there appear some taboos about dealing with these. Many are detected far too late, which means they are so difficult to treat. Of course we all have our own ideas about how to improve things, but I am delighted to be able to feature today, a very unique perspective from Athena Lamnisos, who is the CEO of The Eve Appeal. In this fascinating piece, Athena shares her own views and gives us an insight into some of the obstacles in the charity world. “Now that we’re now two

What’s In A Name? (Guest Post From Kaz)

What's In A Name? (Guest Post From Kaz)

We have now entered September which is a really busy “awareness month.” I have my own personal crusade which is #BloodCancer,  plus #GynaecologicalCancer, and a very special one for me is also #ChildhoodCancer, I’m sure there are many others too! My work is not tumour specific so I am involved in most cancers in one way or another and initially I never really understood the Awareness Months, but now I do. Cancer dominates our lives and we tend to be hearing about it more frequently. There are numerous charities for most common tumour types and it is an opportunity for them to focus on a common goal, and get the public to concentrate on their cause and issues. Personally speaking I think this way of working should be done all year but that is

My Cancer Story (Video)

My Cancer Story (Video)

Several weeks ago I was invited by Cancer Stories to share my story and have it filmed to enable others to learn from what happened to me. The project is an incredible one with so many benefits, for people like me by recounting the impact cancer has had in our lives, and also for anyone watching to be able to use our experience positively for themselves. It takes the form of one complete video of my journey from diagnosis to current day, and also key segments talking about the impact of diagnosis, work, family etc.(Check out PLAYLIST for further details.) To see more about Cancer Stories they are also on Faceboook:  and Twitter: @cancer_stories If you think that there is anything in my story that might be valuable to someone you know please

A Life Changing Event (Sarah’s Story)

A Life Changing Event (Sarah's Story)

This week’s post features Sarah Cheeseman, who is another incredible person who has come into my life because of cancer. After being diagnosed in 2007 Sarah has gone onto have a family (against the odds) and has designed an incredibly useful piece of kit for people who need Hickman Lines as part of their treatment. I just wish the holder was around when I had my treatment! “In June 2007, I counted over 40 bruises on my body; this was the beginning of my Aplastic Anaemia journey.Then In October 2007 I went to the doctors with bruises, a black eye, blurred vision, no energy, nose bleeds, and pain all over my body; it was even painful having a shower. On the way to the doctors tears filled my eyes as

The Impact Of Sharing Cancer Experiences

The Impact Of Sharing Cancer Experiences

In recent weeks I have been invited to share my cancer experiences with a great cross section of people and in very different settings, but they were all extremely powerful for both me and the audience. I have been doing this work now for approximately seven years, and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful it always is. Of course every audience is unique, and each presentation is delivered in a different way, to suit, but basically the message is the same. Not only does it have impact on the audience, but I always feel very emotional too! Last Saturday I spent the afternoon being filmed for Cancer Stories, a wonderful project that offers peer support through videos. This took me back to my original diagnosis and brought so many memories

Cancer Discrimination, What’s Your Experience?

Cancer Discrimination, What's Your Experience?

This weeks post was prompted by a conversation I had with my bank recently. Having been with them for more than 10 years I wanted to ammend a few things to bring them up to date, but of course they don’t like change and I needed to have a phone call to review things! My bank know more about my money than I do, but insisted I go through every penny I spend and earn, plus detailed questioning on what I do for a living. Not being able to work after I got sick has been no issue to them up to now, as all the bills are paid promptly. But the fact that I am no longer able to work regularly at the age of 59 suddenly became important. Could I provide proof of income, did I have a pension,

How Do You Cope With Adversity?

How Do You Cope With Adversity?

Living so much of my life now in the ‘cancer world’ I am always amazed at the things people are able to achieve despite the health cards they are dealt. But this week I saw two examples away from cancer, where these people have overcome incredible hurdles and are achieving things much beyond what they might have dared hope for. In both cases life was very cruel, but they found resilience and determination and never lost hope that they could do something special with their lives.  My first example is Gill Hicks who is a double amputee victim from the London 7/7 bombing. Gill describes how her determination and a strong empathy for the plight of others helped her to create a ‘second life.’  “I’ve managed to create a constructive anger,” she