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“There Is Nothing More We Can Do for You!”

"There Is Nothing More We Can Do for You!"

Surviving cancer can frequently feel like you are living with a very fast ticking bomb! Time feels like it is slipping through your fingers and there is just never enough of it. Having said that it also seems that any interventions you need for your disease take far too long. Our perception of time seems to have changed. Since my own diagnosis and life changing experiences, I spend most of my time working in a cancer environment, with either patients or clinicians. Having done this for many years now I find that I am working more frequently in the international arena, which I really enjoy. I have always insisted that large healthcare organisations including charities and pharma just do not move quickly enough to help people such as myself. Of

Cancer Can Also Steal Your Identity!

Cancer Can Also Steal Your Identity!

Of course we are all unique, but we tend to identify ourselves by what we do for a living, which is simple when you are working but a lot more difficult when you’re not! Before cancer it was easy for me, “I am a business consultant,” I would reply, when asked what I am. Since then I have never been sure what to answer! Once I wasn’t able to work I felt a clear loss of identity, and still do today. Luckily I have never lost my transferable skills and am still able to use them in a different way, by helping people, which is so much more fulfilling. Whilst working I never had to think about what my skills were, as I just got on with things and always

I’m Ashamed Of What I’m Seeing!

I'm Ashamed Of What I'm Seeing!

No I am not talking about the behaviour of our politicians, as I certainly don’t want to give any single one of them the publicity oxygen they so crave. Unfortunately our NHS is controlled by these people and it is now easy for everyone to see why things are in a complete mess. Year after year the big decisions have been ignored causing delay upon delay for both patients and staff. We are now in the position where we are short of key staff and our infrastructure is crumbling, in more ways than one! The service is an incredibly difficult place to work and morale on the whole is low. This is not something that can be solved by money alone. I would like to talk specifically about the cancer

Bottom Of The League, But More Excuses!

Bottom Of The League, But More Excuses!

There is nobody who likes to look at the world through ‘rose tinted’ glasses more than me! But at times that view must be tempered with a cold dose of reality. One of the headlines I read recently was ‘Britain sits at bottom of global league table for cancer survival rates.’ Unfortunately headlines like this don’t shock me anymore, why should we expect anything else? With a Government that has lost interest in governing, a Health Service trying to stay afloat, and large cancer charities jostling each other for money and influence, what chance is there for patients? Yes the figures are only up till 2014 and of course people are already arguing that things have improved, but those are policy makers, and not patients, having their lives torn apart

Are you a ‘guilty survivor?’

Are you a 'guilty survivor?'

On Monday, I had my usual monthly review with my Consultant. I have always thought that these meetings may be too frequent, but the professionals are right, and generally there is something that has occurred since the last meeting, and will need correcting. More medication,and different blood tests. It is always a good opportunity to catch up with my fellow patients, and staff. Also, if I didn’t visit the pharmacy for my drugs, they would wonder what had happened to me! A lot of the staff in my hospital, read my blog, and I am often told, that they learn so much from it. On this visit I was approached by a senior health professional, who wanted to chat. He mentioned that he personally, was learning a lot from my writing, and felt

Confessions of a cancer fraud (Annmarie’s story)

Confessions of a cancer fraud (Annmarie's story)

After 6 years of treatment in the cancer sector, my learning never stops. Unlike a lot of things that we learn in our lives, everyone’s experience is unique. So, no amount of reading, or talking with others can ever prepare you, for how you will deal with your own cancer diagnosis. Some people just quietly get on with what they have to do, and others are happy to share their experiences. There just isn’t a correct way of dealing with things, just what feels right for you. One of the things that I have learned,is so much that happens around cancer is out of your control. Not just how you feel about things, but particularly how other people view you, because of cancer. I have written about this on several