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#never2young bowel cancer, Hayley’s story

#never2young bowel cancer, Hayley's story

One of the great benefits of social media, is that that you can see a lot of up to date information quickly. With Twitter and this blog, I am in contact with people around the world, not just involving blood cancers, and stem-cell transplants, but many others too. I enjoy keeping up with other aspects that I may not be quite so familiar with. Over time, it seems that I have connected with a lot of people affected by bowel cancer, and I am benefiting from their knowledge and support. Just over a week ago, my Twitter time line went crazy with a new campaign, #never2young. It was raising awareness about early diagnosis in young people. Bowel,is the 2nd biggest cancer killer in the UK, and like many, it is

My humour gets me through!

My humour gets me through!

For most of this winter, I faced my nemesis. Constant cold, damp weather.For a man with the poor immune system that I have, I tremble when watching¬†winter weather forecasts. I seem to stumble from cold to flu,to everlasting chest infection.Finally get rid of that, then the next one starts.Feeling under the weather (literally) for long periods takes it’s toll on me, as I try to continue with parts of my life. I am now towards the 6th anniversary of my diagnosis, and when reviewing the things I faced, there are times that I honestly don’t know how I have the strength to continue. I thought of something that immediately made me smile, and then I realised. Only my humour could have got me this far. This post was written about

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