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Cancer Can Also Steal Your Identity!

Cancer Can Also Steal Your Identity!

Of course we are all unique, but we tend to identify ourselves by what we do for a living, which is simple when you are working but a lot more difficult when you’re not! Before cancer it was easy for me, “I am a business consultant,” I would reply, when asked what I am. Since then I have never been sure what to answer! Once I wasn’t able to work I felt a clear loss of identity, and still do today. Luckily I have never lost my transferable skills and am still able to use them in a different way, by helping people, which is so much more fulfilling. Whilst working I never had to think about what my skills were, as I just got on with things and always

“What if?”

"What if?"

In my previous post I talked about the value of time, something I am beginning to be very aware of in my life. Being on fortnightly treatment, those days become markers in my life, and they seem to come round with increased speed.In the last few weeks I have been able to fit in some really exciting projects, and I have been asked numerous times about my working¬†life before cancer, by people I have only recently become acquainted with. Therefore they don’t know anything at all about my experience. However, they seem genuinely surprised by the variety and quality of the projects that I am involved with. This causes me an element of internal frustration! In my regular working life, I would be doing a lot of difficult negotiations, for