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Carers, our unsung heroes! Fiona’s story

Carers, our unsung heroes! Fiona's story

We all know what the word carer means, but many carers would not consider themselves to be one! Husbands, wives, friends and family, are doing what they consider natural, helping those of us that need it. Without their help, life would be, in many¬†instances, impossible. In my own case, ever since I was diagnosed, my wife has swung into action, taking care of everything that I couldn’t manage at times. Putting up with my awful moods, sorting out my medication, and at times dressing me and driving me to appointments. She is there for me during my dark times, and she has sacrificed a lot of her life for me. Cancer now dominates my life, whether I like it or not! With my own health being constantly monitored, I use

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