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The stigma of a changing appearance.

The stigma of a changing appearance.

As I have mentioned, several times in the past, I never have to think too hard about  blog content for the week, and very often one subject gets talked about more frequently than others. In this instance the subject is ‘appearance during cancer treatment.’ On my return to treatment in the new year, I met a fellow patient who I hadn’t seen for some time, and I struggled to recognise her. I was truly stunned how her appearance had changed in such a short space of time.Very little is able to surprise me, in terms of the affects of cancer and it’s treatment, on people, but this time I was. I knew that I had been through everything that she was going through, and all the changes in my appearance.

Sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror.

Sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror.

For the first time since I started this blog, I thought I might be suffering ‘bloggers block.’ Not as painful as it sounds! Nothing had really grabbed my imagination, but then I received two ‘tweet pics’, from people who are going through transplant, and bumped into a lady in clinic who I hadn’t seen for ages. I struggled to recognise any of them. With a combination of the drugs and treatment, they were going through, their physical appearance had changed dramatically. All three had lost their hair and a lot of weight.Despite my own personal experiences, and knowledge, I am always shocked to see the effects of that on the body. Changing appearances, is a common issue for people with long term illness, and I had written the below piece last