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The Importance of cancer support via social media

The Importance of cancer support via social media

Since I was introduced to the world of social media, I could immediately see how powerful it might be. Certainly, like any new tool, you have to learn how to use it properly, to get the best from it. Which takes time. With trial and error you will find what it does well, and what it does, not so well. Coming from a business background, and attempting to always keep things simple, I couldn’t see what wasn’t to like, by connecting like minded people, across the world. Once I found myself taken hostage by cancer, I applied similar rules here. If I can’t find physical help for what I need, let me look on the net! I couldn’t find what I felt was required, so I thought I would try and create something. People

The joy of sharing experiences

It is logical of course, but how good does it feel when you are able to talk to someone who has experienced very similar issues to yourself? Sure, it doesn’t change your own situation, but you certainly feel a lot more comfortable knowing that the person you are communicating with really ‘gets’ what you are talking about. Our passions are raised, when we are talking about football, music, cars, women, men, politics or religion, with like minded people.We can really bare our souls to them, because we know that they really understand and share our emotions.I know when talking on some of the previously mentioned subjects, I can talk for ever, with passion, if I know that we are sharing common ground. What about when we have been ill? Sharing experiences is

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