Entering Very Humbling Times.

It has been a few weeks since I have written a personal blog, as I have been on a bit of a road trip. Although I suffer with terrible fatigue, I have had to push myself through some incredible presentations and meetings. My work is reaching the level that I have always aspired to, so it is difficult to pass up the many incredible opportunities that are now coming my way. With the combination of Your simPal and my own personal work, many new opportunities are opening up, and more and more people are becoming interested in what we do. This is leading to being invited to present nationally and internationally, my ideas and projects.

Since I got sick, I have lost a lot of my confidence, and despite my outward appearance, enjoy evenings in front of the television to ‘business socialising.’ People are, and always have been my passion, but it is becoming harder to push myself. My brain is loving the challenges, but my body is becoming weaker because of them. EBMT 2017So here is my frustration! It has always been my sole ambition to improve the lives of people living with cancer, and now I am able to impact so much which is happening around the world. Surely I can’t stop now, just as I feel we are making real headway?

Maybe it is what I do that has kept my mind occupied and distracted any fears of cancer? There are many different views of that. Some say that is the case, but most are concerned I don’t rest enough. For me there is no middle ground as my mind is just a hub of never ceasing cogs, whirring with new ideas. My view has always been, why have extra life if you don’t use it constructively? But of course, how we spend our time is a very individual thing.

I am finding this stage of my life a very humbling experience for several reasons. Firstly, we are now able to help people in a practical way, and I see incredibly moving applications for help daily. This has led us to the UK Charity Commission, who have been incredibly supportive and helped us to become a registered charity (1172270.) Of course, this is now opening more doors, with large organisations who want to become involved with our work. Word has spread rapidly, and wherever I go there are people that recognise me or are following me on social-media.

I have presented at two conference in the last week, one in Birmingham and one in Marseille. On both occasions I met many people who already knew about my work and were following me on social-media. CxjC_zuWEAA-OaIMany start the conversation with, “I am following you on Twitter,” which is incredible. I feel very honoured that people wish to follow what I do, and give some of their time to it. Time is the biggest thing someone can give, and with so many distractions around today, I am delighted that they chose to give some to me!

Where most of the real work is done though is in private meetings, either before or after the main session. I have had many of these with some very influential people and was even interviewed by a TV crew from America! Of course not all of these go anywhere and there are always many people who like to ‘blow smoke,’ but I would like to think that I know when that is happening and certainly do my best to avoid those people.

What I love most is helping people, either personally or via my contacts. Many people come to me to be connected with others doing similar work. It was obvious to me very early in my cancer experience that most organisations worked in a ‘silo’ manner, meaning they knew little about what was happening outside their organisation. After many years of feeling like I was working in the wilderness, it seems that more and more people are connecting with me, and understanding the real issues out there. The total lack of collaboration in the sector and the fact that a minority of behemoth charities are dominating the domain, but are doing very little to improve the lives of the people they purport to support. Taking a majority of donations in the process, making it more difficult for smaller organisations to get their incredible work ‘out there.’

This week, since we announced our official charity status, we have been contacted by organisations around the globe, with offers of help and support. Who knows where that will lead us, but these are large household names both national and international. 20161124_145813[1]Our work is now literally life changing not only for the people we support, but the people working with us. Our small team of staff and supporters see daily what we are doing, even the Charity Commission saying that they have never seen such a venture! Within the next few weeks we will be interviewed by a national newspaper and have a prime spot on their website, as they want to support us to grow and help the many people that apply daily for our services.

It has taken a lot of personal soul searching to get to this stage, and if I’m honest I didn’t anticipate the profile that myself and Your simPal would develop. Strictly, with my poor health and getting older, I should be settling down with my slippers, but I am now feeding from the help we can give to others. This seems like the best drug I can take now. I am grateful of course for the extra life I have received but feel more comfortable that I am now in a position to give something practical back.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has supported my work in whatever form. Working together we are stronger, and we will continue to ‘rock the boat’ of  those who have got too comfortable in the cancer support sector!



    • Thx so much Deb. As you know everything goes in cycles and we are having a very positive one at the moment! But as you know, change happens quickly now so we are trying to make the most of it. I hope all well at your end, and I’m doing my best to get your piece out this week. xxx

      • Thank you so much Chris! I’m doing OK thanks, working only half days most of this week while Mum recovers from a knee replacement this time – three ops down, hopefully no more to go! Look after yourself and make the most of the positive cycle. xxx

        • We both know well about the cycles of life Deb. Always prepared for the landscape to change quickly these days, so enjoy a great view when the opportunity comes along! Best to Mum, xxxx

    • Thx Pat! Indeed it feels like trudging for most of the time, but hope always keeps pushing me!

      Very best to you, Chris xx

  1. Sorry I’m not on twitter but keep in touch pls my brain tumor makes me feel similar on certain days and need positive vibes around me 24/7 thanks léon jefferson leeds England

    • Hi Leon.

      Thanks so much for reaching out, and please feel free to contact me through the site if you feel you need some positivity. Very best to you, Chris

  2. So pleased to hear from you Chris and that you are so busy I wish I had your energy thank you Chris as always for the wonderful work you do but don’t foget ME time. I am in Spain at the moment and alot of the people I speak to are surviving different cancers and “kicking it” in the teeth. God bless you Chris and your lovely family Georgine xx

    • Lovely as always to hear from you, Georgine. I don’t really have the energy at all, I think it is only the adrenaline that keeps me going. So glad you have got away for a break in the sunshine, I’m sure that will be helping you. Have a fab break and thank you for your kindness, Chris xxx

  3. That balance hey Chris, being driven by your passion but also knowing to be aware of your limits – never easy to figure out! So pleased to hear all this progression, always exciting times hearing what you’re doing!

    • That balance is the tricky thing Emily! Yes lot’s going on, but I will look forward to hearing all about your exciting work, later today.

  4. Tu Marie! We’re all doing our best and I’m sure if there is better collaboration, we can make a real difference. We must remember we have come a long way, in a relatively short space of time.
    I hope all going well with your tremendous work Marie. Very best, Chris

  5. Lovely to hear from you Dawn, and tu so much! We are making great progress and as the donations increase we will be able to help more people. How are you doing? xx

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