Feeling Tired!

Yesterday, was a really busy day. Meetings interviews and many phone calls. All positive stuff and great to be able to help when able.

After a day like that I know that I have to take it easy, as my immune system will struggle and I can get sick very quickly. Also my blood treatment is taking it’s toll and by the time I have recovered sufficient energy from my previous treament, I am back having my next one.

It is frustrating as my mind is so active but my body struggles to keep up. Still I have the experience to know when enough is enough. I am spending today at home,and later tonight I have a meeting at St Georges with my colleagues on the I.C.E group. We work with the management at the hospital to try and improve services for cancer patients.

My phone is very busy these days with calls from people that are looking for advice, so I am very aware of how much work is still to be done, particularly in the area of communication. This is quite ironic really, when we are in the age when we have the most amount of technical help that we have ever had. We are bombarded with information, via our phones, computer, tv, newspapers etc. How much can we digest? Do we just notice the people that make the most noise? Are we able to sift through the info to find exactly what we are looking for?

My personal view is that there is nothing more productive than talking to someone who understands what you want, rather than spending hours sifting through meaningless rubbish. Are we going to lose the art of personal face to face communication. What do you think???

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