Has Fear Made Us All Vulnerable?

For the last couple of years it has been incredibly hard to keep up with life. So many things are happening daily, both nationally and internationally. Most of which we have very little control over. I guess all we can really work on is our reaction to these things, and how we let them impact our lives or not? Nothing much has ever frightened me, from being a young lad till now. My successful push-back against my prognosis has empowered me even more! So when covid came along I wasn’t sure what to think. A wave of fear enveloped the world, people were dying, and being considered medically vulnerable, I was advised to stay at home.

A man and woman in covid masks travelling on a bus

Everyone wearing masks, businesses closing, London looking like a ghost city. Frightening statistics being shown on our television daily, and talk of the NHS being overwhelmed. It’s no wonder that people were feeling frightened. It felt to me that the country was being manipulated in all areas, by fear. Scientists speaking daily about millions of people being affected. Shortages of PPE and staff, making things so much worse. Lockdown after lockdown keeping the uncertainty fresh for the public. Yes, there have been 160,000+ deaths in 2 years, involving covid, too many of course! But nothing like the numbers still dying of cancer, alzheimer’s and heart disease.

The world economy will never be the same, and our lives are all changed for ever. What we took for granted before the virus, we no longer can. It feel like we have all been reset. Many people took financial advantage of the fragility of the world, and are still doing so today. World politics is in a mess, with the threat of war a reality. Healthcare is being ignored everywhere too, as people struggle to get the support they need wherever they are in the world. Everyone seems to be fighting in the media for so many reasons. Surely now is the time we should all be working together for a positive outcome? But no! Is there really any hope for the human race? Surely if we continue in this way we will destroy the planet!

Now the rules are changing again. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. Are we comfortable to go into public again? Doing enough to protect the vulnerable? Fuel bills increasing dramatically. Where do we go from here? Personally speaking I carry on living my life as best I can. I have switched off from doom mongering politicians and scientists. Totally bored of todays covid statistics, shown purely now to keep stoking control by fear. I don’t want to see any more pictures of ambulances queuing at hospitals. The NHS is certainly in a bad place but it won’t be overwhelmed, thanks mostly to the incredible staff. It’s now time to focus on going forwards, particularly helping people stuck on never ending waiting lists to have their life improved.

On a lighter note, I notice that the fear factor has edged more and more onto our television. With almost every programme having warnings flashed up and helplines to call if we are affected by the subject matter. Even on programmes like Emmerdale and Coronation street!! If I don’t see those warnings now, I wonder if the programmes are even worth watching. The only one that might make me want to call the Samaritans is actually the News. How much intrusion do we really need in our lives?

A man looking down the barrel of a gun

I spoke recently to our credit card company who we have been with for more than 20 years. Never paid a day late, but they were asking me if I needed any financial advice? Yes, I know I get it, many people probably do in these crazy times. Maybe my car insurance will offer me a co driver as I get older and the risk increases? Taking risk is part of living your life. Certain types can fill you with adrenaline and many people thrive on it. For me, risk taking in the past has given me the confidence I have now. Of course everyone is unique but I have noticed many friends become much more cautious about where they go. They have become a lot more fearful. I believe the nation as a whole to be like that now.

When the end comes, we will all have regrets about things we weren’t able to do. But please don’t let the current circumstances stop you living your best life. Despite what we see daily, we all have plenty to be grateful for so let’s celebrate that. Find that which connects us, and not what divides. Help others who are not as fortunate as you. What you give out will come back multiplied. During recent years inequality across all sectors has become worse. We cannot allow this to continue, for the sake of our children, grandchildren etc.

This post was written the day before Russia invaded Ukraine. Never did I think I would see anything like this happening in Europe, with my parents having survived WW2! Without a doubt we are all now rightly feeling vulnerable for another reason. My thoughts are with all the innocent families suffering yet more upheaval in their lives. Will we ever be able to live together in peace? I fear not.

Female soldier in Ukraine.
So many dreadful pictures coming out of Ukraine, but this one has had the biggest impact on me. Seeing the pride, focus and uncertainty in this incredible lady.


  1. Hi Chris, the world is certainly changing rapidly – seemingly not for the better. I stopped reading newspapers & watching mainstream TV news several years ago. I didn’t buy into the Covid announcements, deliberately skewed to instil fear & division. We could conclude that the whole world’s gone mad but, in reality, we’re essentially fed propaganda / manipulated via mainstream media – as always, follow the money to find who’s pulling the strings. There’s always someone somewhere getting richer. Much love, Deb Xxx

    • Hi Deb,
      That is a great summary! I believe we are also being manipulated. Am feeling better for coming of Facebook and Instagram, I must say. Who knows where all this leads but it’s certainly making it more difficult to talk about healthcare currently.

      Stay safe you guys, Chris XX

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