Is your life all about timing?

Yesterday I was in London for a very important meeting. I was in good time, and selected a random spot to stand, awaiting my tube. It was busy and I got on the train. I grabbed the first handrail, and standing next to me was a very good friend of mine, who was going to a business meeting. He didn’t know I was coming to town and I didn’t know he was either.If we had planned to meet like that it would almost have been impossible!

That prompted my thought for the day. I started to think about a lot of the major turning points in my life, and I can say that in nearly every case things have happened for me at the right time. Is that about luck? Do you make your own luck? Is it about hard work? Is it about timing???

I left school early, as I needed to find a job, and my local paper had an ad showing that Waitrose were opening in my area. I got a job there. I met my wife there and had a good career there.When I was ready for a fresh challenge again my local paper had an advert saying that Unilever required a Salesman in South East London. I got the job and my sales career was starting to form.
Ater 3 years I had become the Uks top salesman and was looking for a fresh challenge. We went to dinner with friends, and were discussing our work when my pal asked me if I wanted to join his company. Talk about timing!! I took up the challenge and got into the ladies clothing business. That led me on to a very successful time of self employment. I travelled the world and earned a lot of money, and loved what I was doing.
Just as I reached my peak in my work, I was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Now that was diabolical timing!!! I was flying and someone had jammed on the brakes. Not only that, it looked like I wasn’t going to live much longer. I needed a matched stem cell donor, they found one. Perfect timing.
When I realised how debilitating my illness was, and that I would never be able to continue my career, I wondered what on earth I was going to do. The next day, a Macmillan magazine dropped through my door so that prompted me to give them a call. I went to Vauxhall h/o for an interview and the lady asked me what I would like to do. I said I don’t know, as I don’t really do office work. I told her that I liked the look of her job, which was dealing with people like me, and she laughed!!!
Ironically after a bit of basic office work she asked me  if I would like to help her in the Volunteering department, and, as she left, I ended up with that role! Which I am still loving!!!
Since starting my volunteering, so many positive things have happened, as you can see from the pics etc. I have met and continue to meet such wonderful people, both patients and professionals. Was it the timing of the magazine through the door that started all the good stuff??
When I entered my most recent regime of treatment I was starting to feel very down. I began to wonder if it would ever end. At least another 6 months of tiring treatment. I am entering my fifth year without a break. how much more?? I started to question my own mental strength. My capacity to help people was being eroded. Then I had the idea of the blog, something I could do from home and reach people far and wide.
I mentioned my idea to a friend, and his daughter rang me. She is in social media and would love to help me. Timing, luck??  Then came Channel 4 with their programme. Since then I have hardly had time to think!! Were these things sent to me at this time because I was flagging??

Please judge for yourself but in most instances timing has been great for me. Do we make things happen, is it luck or a combination. I don’t know the answer but in it’s own way it is exciting!!!!

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