Life wants to wake us, when we start to dream!

Normal service has been resumed in my life. Conferences successfully completed, and treatment has recommenced. Actually, there is a lot to be said for routine. You know where you are with it! Like a comfy pair of slippers. The odd incident of excitement is enough to stimulate me through ‘normal’ now.

Maybe that is an age thing, possibly my health dictates that now, as excitement was a major motivating factor in my life. Always pushing the boundaries, and trying new things, normal was boring. Now I think twice before going to a different restaurant! I don’t really know how that has happened.

Visiting hospital for two days, gives me the opportunity, of meeting yet more inspiring people, and always starts me thinking. Now, after 6 years, I am a ‘veteran,’ and nothing much phases me anymore. However I am still very moved, when I see people that are newly diagnosed. I guess I was the same at that stage, but the look of ‘fear’ is always apparent.

I was sat next to a lady who just burst into tears, and was clearly distressed.For a minute, I felt awkward, which was unusual, as I needed to think briefly.But the result was my usual response. I struck up a conversation. To summarise the situation, the most upsetting thing for this lady was that because of her illness she had been made redundant. A career was her raison d’etre.She had even decided to give up having children to follow her dream.Now that had been taken from her!

This type of story is an all too common one. Not just involving illness, but life in general. It feels that just when things appear to be going nicely, something seems to come along and spoil it. Mostly it is something totally out of your control. In recent years, we have seen so many things that have changed our lives, that we couldn’t begin to imagine, would happen.

Which brings me nicely to some recent events, to emphasise what I am talking about. Just when we are looking to turn our back on a miserable winter,and enjoy the oncoming summer, we have the tragic events in Boston.Certainly here in the UK, the thoughts of bombings were in the past.Just when we thought we could go about our daily lives, with an air of normality, we start to feel unsafe again. All that stuff is back in the headlines and it feels like any progress made, has been lost.

Another thing that has happened this week in the UK is a sporadic outbreak of football violence. Images,of hate filled thugs, fighting each other on the streets of England. Again, this is another thing we haven’t seen for sometime, and I am sure everyone connected with football, felt, had passed with the passage of time.It seems not.

My own life shows similar trends too. When things were going well, I got sick. Started to get used to my new life, I got sick. Nice things start to appear on my horizon, yes, you guessed it. I get sick. However, I managed to do my recent ‘good stuff,’ and treatment is going ok.There are some really exciting things beginning to appear, like new buds in spring. The weather will get kinder (hopefully) and I have many reasons for optimism.

Life certainly needs a degree of planning, or nothing would happen, but more and more I see the benefits of ‘live for the day.’We know from experience, that tough times will be coming, it’s just a matter of when. So, try and live your dream and appreciate it whilst you have it, as the alarm clock of life will ring before you are ready!

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