Macmillan’s Annual Corporate Partner Event – Macmillan Cancer Voice, Chris Lewis


  1. The most eloquent conduit, wonderful speech. thank you from the bottom of my heart for wht you do and achieve cis social media I am honoured to have my you Chris. Keep up the good work. Stay well. Hugs always, Lesley x I do all I can in my power to raise awareness and try and stop what happened to Laura happening to other younger people. I can only share Laura’s story @paperdollybird and help others in my small way.

    • Hi Lesley
      Thank you so much for the lovely comments, and I’m so pleased you enjoyed watching the presentation. Like you, I’m doing what I can to raise awareness of the issues surrounding cancer. Your support is invaluable to my work, and helps me reach out to more people. I thank you for that.

      Thanks as always for sharing Lesley, and I wish you well. The work done by Laura and others, inspires me with my own. Chris x

  2. I have messaged Chris prior through twitter, he was supporting Maggie Watts and her plight to address pancreatic cancer via a petition. Chris in the short time I have known him has always been a unique ambassador, however watching this video literally unveiled Chris and his own journey, it’s because of his integrity that we all have a duty, a duty to eradicate cancer and to help the living, to protect our future. Chris has set a benchmark that we not only have to support but actively engage within.

  3. Hi Hiren
    I’m very grateful for the above comments, and I know that after watching this video you understand more about my work. My view from the ‘inside’ as a patient myself, has shown me what is missing with cancer support. I want to use that experience in my attempt to improve things for others.

    As I say to everyone, this is not something I can do on my own, and the support of people like yourself is much valued! Thank you again for the above, and my best to you and your family, in the times ahead. Chris

  4. A wonderful presentation Chris; cancer patients and survivors have a great advocate in you, and your work has inspired many people.
    Long may you continue. xxx

    • Hi Kaz
      Many thanks for your comments. You also do such wonderful work! Like you, most of my time is dedicated to this work. There are so many gaps in the current system, and I am doing my best to plug some.

      If my own experience can help others, then I am a very happy man. Keep up your own wonderful work too, and it’s great that we can work together! Chris

    • Hi Neil
      Much appreciated!!!! It’s great to have this video, as I do frequent talks, but haven’t been able to get one filmed professionally. This video gives people a clearer picture of my own personal experience, and why I do what I do in the cancer world.

      Keep on keeping on my friend. You are doing great work yourself! Chris

  5. dear Chris,

    I was delighted to have a chance to view the video; your presentation was one that was redolent of the passion you have for advocating for cancer patients. I think you did a marvelous job of citing your goals, of being inclusive, and in a humble yet powerful manner issued an invitation for provoking further conversations with the belief that working together for viable goals is within reach, as it must be.

    it was lovely to hear your voice, too!

    much love and light,

    Karen xoxo

  6. Hi Karen

    I do many presentations, but this was the first one that was filmed professionally. It is an ideal one for this site, as it explains my own story, how I got into this work, and what I do now.

    It was certainly a good opportunity to talk about collaboration and innovation, both of which we need if things are going to progress in the cancer world.

    As you know, it is my passion to improve things for people affected by cancer, and these presentations are a great way of helping that cause. We had a very positive response from it!

    Thank you for your lovely feedback Karen! Love and light to you over these Easter holidays. Chris x

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