My Cancer Story (Video)

Several weeks ago I was invited by Cancer Stories to share my story and have it filmed to enable others to learn from what happened to me. The project is an incredible one with so many benefits, for people like me by recounting the impact cancer has had in our lives, and also for anyone watching to be able to use our experience positively for themselves.

It takes the form of one complete video of my journey from diagnosis to current day, and also key segments talking about the impact of diagnosis, work, family etc.(Check out PLAYLIST for further details.) To see more about Cancer Stories they are also on Faceboook:  and Twitter: @cancer_stories

If you think that there is anything in my story that might be valuable to someone you know please feel free to share this page via any convenient channel, many thanks. Also if you know anyone who would like to share their story either on film or by writing a piece for this site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

My thanks again to the team at Cancer Stories for all their hard work in producing this fabulous piece!


  1. Excellent Chris and am sure they will help so many people on the cancer journey. Your honesty was very brave, particularly describing the impact of the Chemo treatment.

  2. Thx so much Ken. It was a powerful day, and although I am used to sharing my story publicly it was very emotional doing it this way and recounting some of those experiences. But hopefully these will help others.

  3. Thanks you as always Chris it was lovely to hear your voice I feel that I really do know you now. As Ken says your honesty was very brave and you are a true beacon to us all. I felt quiet emotional at times as it brings back to me and others how strong we have to be. Thank you Chris for your blogs and your love and respect to us all. Love to your wife and family too. Georgine xxx

    • Tu so much Georgine. That day of filming was a very emotional time, and shared with the lovely team at Cancer Stories. I’m so happy that my story is being used in such a positive way, and has been well received on launch. I was so pleased to be invited to share my story on camera, and this will reach many people. Tu so much for your support as always, and best to you and yours. xxx

  4. Excellent explanation of gvhd, which I till find difficult to explain to people. I’ve shared the video in my personal Facebook saying:

    “Short video of my friend Chris who had the same cancer as me. Pleased to see that like me he is in remission. But over the years, he has had similar chronic health problems to me. I’m sharing this, as he explains it all do much better than I do in plain English!

    • Thx so much Pav! Gvhd certainly is a difficult subject to explain to people. I was so pleased to have the opportunity to share my story in this way. My hope is that we can reach more people and help them make sense of what has happened. Much appreciate the sharing. I hope you are able to continue with all the positive things you were doing. My best to you as always, Chris

  5. Great to finally hear your voice and listen to you talk about your cancer experience. You are an inspiration to many and it must have been very hard for you to talk about it again. Had me in tears at times but I know your honesty and openess will help many others who are about to embark on their own cancer journey. xxx

  6. Thx so much as always Kaz. I don’t do many videos but having watched some of these I have found them to be very powerful. It is great to be able to use these different mediums to communicate with people, and certainly heightens the experience. Really pleased that my own story can help others. The sharing that you and many others do really helps that happen! xxx

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