My Motivation!(VIDEO)

I wanted to follow last weeks ‘ten year reflection post’ with a little summary of the work I do, how it started and why it exists. As time has gone on, I have been involved in many cancer projects, and spend my days helping and advising people throughout the sector. From patients and carers through to international pharmaceutical companies, I am continually looking at the cancer sector from many perspectives. That said, the same problems still exist, which are poor communication, lack of collaboration, and a complete failure to put the people affected by cancer at the heart of everything that is done in their name.

At every professional conference I attend I hear the same comments “the patient talk was the best bit!” Of course it was, as the rest consists of professionals talking to professionals about patients, with a patient talk to break the monotony. To be fair, things are improving with many charities organising patient conferences now, but even then the patient participation is not as good as it should be. We now have well informed patients, which is good for us all, but I’m not so sure how well that is understood by medical professionals. That goodwill  needs harnessing which could, if used in the right way, take pressure off the health service. But there always seems to be a difficulty with the medical profession engaging well with the patient community.

So over the years, I have narrowed my own work criteria to improving collaboration, sharing innovative ideas, and co-managing Your simPal. I get to meet many wonderful people and recently I made a video for America, with a large pharmaceutical company. As part of the deal, they made a video for my personal use to help advertise my work. I have attached it below, to give you a better picture of my personal motivation to make the cancer world a better place!

Please feel free to share any comments below, and as always I would like to thank you all for your support which enables me to keep this project moving forward!




  1. Hi Chris, you are who everyone in the cancer sector should aspire to be! I admire you, what you do and what you stand for. Keep doing what you’re doing because you lead the way in making a difference. Deb xx

  2. Thank you Deb! I just want to improve things in this sector, and I am continually finding obstacles put up by healthcare organisations who don’t want to change. Many people have personal agendas and are well paid to play the game of cancer politics. Joined by several large charities using their financial muscle to strangle new ideas or put them under their own brand.
    There is still so much wrong in this sector, so I work with integrity and transparency, to do what I can to show that there is an alternative, to the corporate way.

    Appreciate what you and your groups do Deb. Together we are stronger, Chris xxx

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