My Mummy The Superhero!

As we get further into this crisis I have to admire the way we are dealing with it as a nation. Most of us helping each other and pulling together with the NHS to ensure we get through this with as little damage as possible. Of course there are always exceptions to that unfortunately! I have seen many challenging things in my own life, and as a cancer patient am used to living with restrictions.

But for many, this is the first time they may have faced any serious adversity. With grateful thanks to social-media I am seeing many incredible stories. As ‘sharing is caring’ I would love more people to see these, so each week I will be sharing one that has caught my eye. This one I found to be a real tear jerker! Showing right up close and personal the relationship between daughter Eiliyah and mum Tania @TaniaNurun, a nurse.

Unprecedented, not a word I was inclined to hearing often until recently. Now it seems to be the buzz word and heard more often than not. As a nurse I have experienced my fair share of challenging situations, but did I ever think I would experience a global pandemic in my lifetime? Absolutely not! It has been a challenging situation; from social distancing, schools shutting for the first time ever and generally people’s lives being turned upside down with fear. However, I chose not to focus on the difficulties, instead the triumph of the community, Health Care Professionals, Key Workers and the NHS.

I am so incredible proud to work for such a wonderful organisation, the way everyone has pulled together, going above and beyond like never before. Don’t be fooled, we are petrified. Petrified for our own families our own mental health and our colleagues, our families are scared for us. Only yesterday my dad rang, his voice quivering with worry; he suggested I ring in sick to avoid going into work. I reassured him, I reminded him why I chose to enter into nursing and why I am such a proud nurse. My wonderful daughter Eiliyah Nahar wrote this poem for me and all other nurses going to work at such tough times, as cliché as it sounds; this made it so worth it! Tania, Hull University Teaching Hospitals.”


She says her uniform is a dress, I say it’s a cape. She puts it on with great pride, gives me a kiss, and says she will be home late, probably around 8.

I’ll miss her so much but things need to be this way, so I close my eyes and say a secret prayer. I watch her leave wearing her cape, off she goes to save the day.

She has held so many hands and wiped away so many tears,

She sits quietly and lends the best listening ears, She cares for her frightened patients and appeases all their fears.

My Mummy the super hero is the bravest, and will not leave until she has the all clear.

Her pockets full of pens and keys; armed with her tape cotton wool and scissors; always ready to be the best of caregivers.

She tells me she works with livers, the thought of that would give most the shivers. But not my Mummy, she is a super hero, she delivers and nothing could give her the quivers.

She is not Batman, Spiderman or Captain America but she is a Wonder Woman, She is a Nurse.

My Mummy the superhero

Incredible words there from Eiliyah about her Mum. We all owe the team at the NHS so much, and sometimes we can forget that they have families the same as us. Many of my friends are doctors and nurses. It is so difficult to understand what they are thinking as they go into such challenging circumstances daily. Thank you so much to Tania for sharing your own very personal views and the beautiful piece from Eiliyah.

If you would like to share your own experiences, please feel free to get in touch below!


    • Thanks Deb, there are so many incredible stories out there. Sure, there is a lot of doom and gloom but we need to shine a light in these dark times.

      Big love to you and yours! Stay safe, Chris

  1. It’s always a pleasure to share lovely stories like this Dianne. What we are seeing now reminds us that we all need each other to get by. That will become even more important once lock down is finished. Stay safe yourself, Chris X

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