Should We Increase Cancer Screening?

mammogram in process

Logic of course tells us that we should be doing more, by improving, and increasing our cancer screening programmes. If you are one of those many people whose life has been saved by early screening, you will of course be…

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The Problems, And Changes I Would Make

Running out of road to solve problems

Wherever you look there are problems in healthcare. It is difficult to isolate cancer from the failing system of course. My views have been consistent since I started writing. The cancer sector in it’s current form will never solve the…

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Forget How Healthcare WAS!

Man looking in the mirror at his younger self

Crazy as this sounds, but I am so grateful that my cancer journey started in 2007. Although much has changed since then, I believe that the risk to the patient is now worse. The state of healthcare anywhere in the…

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Now It’s Very Personal!

Angry face

After living fifteen years with my own cancer, including working twelve with everyone else’s too, I thought I might be unshockable. However the last few weeks have left me shaken emotionally. Firstly, one of our long-term friends was diagnosed with…

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My Recent A+E Experience

On this occasion it was with my son. Who like many of us and tried his best to stay away from our GP. He had a bloodshot eye, which was getting worse. Of course it got so bad that he…

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Cancer, The Bigger Picture.

So I have been writing and talking about cancer professionally for over 10 years. As the world is changing so dramatically, it felt like a good time to review what my experience is showing me. In honesty I can see…

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This Toxic Culture Is Not Just Internal!

Wolf in green sheepskin

By now most of you will have heard about the ‘hidden internal culture’ of Macmillan Cancer Support. How they abused many of their staff, with a toxic leadership style. If you haven’t already, you can read all about it below.…

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Are We Even On The Right Track Anymore?

A very puzzled man

The speed of change in our lives is absolutely incredible now! What is known one day, is no longer true the next. Very difficult conditions for a one man business to adapt. Let alone national and global organisations. So most…

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“There’s Nothing More We Can Do!”

Doctor giving young man his news

So, recently we have heard that this year a record number of patients were referred for suspected cancer. There seemed to be a small pat on the back for everyone, as that seemed to show more people were coming forward…

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“Mom….. It’s Cancer!”

2 ladies comforting each other.

Since I have been involved with cancer, the first thing I said to my wife and children was that I was pleased it was me! I knew I could cope with whatever it threw at me. Both mentally and physically…

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Our NHS Through The Eyes Of A CNS.

A busy cancer ward

As our Government and healthcare leadership held their breath and put their fingers in their ears, cancer continued to rampage through our country. Covid, covid, covid, was all we have heard for more than 30 months. No real surprise then,…

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