Say Yes To Life

Body, spirit, mind balance

So many of the incredible resources out there for people affected by cancer, were started by someone who saw problems with the system that they faced. In a similar way to why I started SimPal. Although these organisations are in…

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Cancer, The Alternative Views.

A green Diet For Cancer

So, you have been diagnosed with cancer and are feeling frightened and confused. For most of us the path we find ourselves on will be similar. Into the NHS system, scans, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or watch and wait. Maybe a…

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“Years Of Decline In Cancer Services!”

A busy clinical NHS ward

Whilst the world continues to create headlines of it’s own daily. The below report was released this week. A shocking and savage one showing us the reality of what has been happening in the cancer sector over many years. Quite…

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Has Fear Made Us All Vulnerable?

A lady covering her eyes with her hands

For the last couple of years it has been incredibly hard to keep up with life. So many things are happening daily, both nationally and internationally. Most of which we have very little control over. I guess all we can…

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Why My Work Will Be Changing Now

The word I am hearing and using most in recent months is CHANGE. Since covid, the world will never be what it was, and neither will we! Our personal hierarchy of priorities is changing daily. Inflation, work, politics, health amongst…

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Cancer Deaths Just Keep Coming!

Femail cancer patient dead in bed. Dr sitting looking upset.

I am not an emotional man, which I find is really helpful with the work I do. But this week I was very close to tears when I heard the news that Clair Fisher had died! So many of my…

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Stem Cells Can Offer A New Life!

Stem Cell Header

For the last two years, the focus of the world has almost entirely been on covid. Of course, all our other issues have not disappeared. Far from it, the lack of focus has made many much worse! Very close to…

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” Feeling Complete After Breast Cancer”

Lady with hands on her breasts.

One of the biggest impacts that can happen from cancer and it’s treatments, is the rapid change in our appearance. In my own instance I initially lost a lot of weight. The steroidal treatment then made me look like a…

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Anyone Remember Cancer?

Cancer pills and medication.

Oh my goodness, what another unbelievable year we have just had! It was completed by Mrs L contracting omicron on Christmas eve. Thus enforcing changes to all our festive arrangements, thus for the second year, not seeing our family on…

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The Waiting Will Kill Us!

Lady in a very pensive pose.

Every day is a school day! This is an expression I use with my friends. Meaning that despite our age, we are still learning so much! It is now on a different level since coronavirus first entered our lives, around…

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The Incredible Cancer Community!

Lady looking at gallery of faces

Unbelievably it is now more than a year since the incredible Sean passed away. He did so much for the Community, and shared everything with us. The original post was called We Laugh And Cry Together, (reproduced below) and since…

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