Time Is Running Out!

Ladies eye with clock as eyeball

I don’t think I’m being dramatic by saying this either! Since covid entered our lives nearly two years ago, the world as we knew it will not be returning, ever! Instead of bringing us together we are now more divided,…

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“What Would Your Advice Be?”

Man thinking with question marks

Each week is getting crazier and crazier! We seem to be swamped with very destructive news, which quite honestly I am fed up with hearing. The current state of cancer care and the NHS are my most important subjects. But…

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‘Hard To Reach Communities’

Bored corporate employees at a desk.

I have heard this expression for many years in the charity sector. As our world has become more divided and diverse we see more groups being created. Personally I’m not a fan of this way of working but I do…

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The National Health Lottery

As always these days, the world of healthcare is changing rapidly, and the discussions around the NHS are getting louder and more frequent. This is such an important issue for us all, I felt I needed to add some more,…

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Does Healthcare Really Want To Change?

A lady with hands up fearing change.

We are in a period of time where everything around us is changing, or has changed. Covid has forced us to think differently about the way we live our lives now. What is important to us and what isn’t. This…

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Talking Cancer Unfiltered

A lady with her figure to her mouth shhh.

This week I was doing some filming. I got asked about some of the changes I had seen during my own experiences with cancer since 2007. Back then it was still difficult talking publicly about the subject. But the Internet…

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“Cancer Gives Life A New Meaning”

Picture demonstrating making change.

For many, dealing with people affected by cancer on a daily basis might sound tough work. It is, no doubt about that, but also a privilege! I get to talk with so many incredible people. Unfortunately the numbers of people…

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Primary Care From A GP Perspective!

One of the biggest recent crises that we are facing is the issue with seeing a GP. Like many, I am sad to see this being dragged through the gutter press, causing abuse to so many members of the #NHS.…

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“When Did I Become A Victim?”

Person outside wire fence, signifying victim mentality

I realised very early on whilst doing this work, that I was extremely privileged. People were sharing with me some of their most personal thoughts and feelings. Many never become public, but on rare occasions some do, and this is…

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Has Cancer ‘Progress’ Peaked Now?

Gear box stuck in reverse.

Since covid has entered our lives we seem to be living from day to day. Unable to really plan anything due to the way our world is changing so quickly. Even organising a meal out with friends is no longer…

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How Do YOU Manage Risk In 2021?

Dealing with risk in 2021

We have been directly involved with covid for approximately 20 months. Our world as we know it has been turned upside down, whilst the virus has killed just short of 4.5m people across the globe! Now, healthcare has been overtaken…

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After A Terminal Cancer Diagnosis.

Cancer patient in hospice

Speaking to people affected by cancer on a daily basis I now hear more frequently about a ‘terminal diagnosis.’ There is a lot of confusion around this wording so for the readers I have taken some quotes from the wonderful…

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