Lucky or unlucky?

I have always considered myself to be a lucky person, even to this very day. However a lot of people that I have met since my illness have considered me to be very unlucky, as I got my disease at an age that was considered young. I have also had numerous and regular complications, meaning that I have been unable to return to work, or lead a normal life. On a TV programme last night, I saw a man that had fallen from ten floors of scaffolding, and nearly died. He had broken numerous bones, but more seriously had severe brain injuries. He has a wife and two young children, and his life will never be the same again. The reporter asked him if he felt he was lucky or

How well do you adjust to change?

How well do you adjust to change?

I am writing this post, looking out to sea, from a beautiful castle. For the first time in a long time, I have been able to take a short break with my wife, and some friends. With the regime of treatment I have, and my constant tiredness, I don’t really look forward to going away. But my wife needs a break from our home routine. It is good to be waited on and for her to be looked after for a few days. We are being looked after brilliantly, and we can catch up with papers, books and music, while being fed and watered. This afternoon, I felt very tired and had to go to bed for an hour. This is something I have very rarely had to do. When

A life changing event. Inspired by Tina Nash

I wrote on yesterdays post, about maybe taking things for granted, which I am sure we all do at times. Imagine if you could no longer see? You couldn’t see your family, friends, sunshine or the beautiful scenery that this country has to offer.You could not see your children growing up. What a terrible thought. This is now how Tina Nash must face the rest of her life. For those of you who may not know who Tina is, she is the lady that was beaten to a pulp by her partner, who then proceeded to gouge her eyes out.This incident took place last April, and the beast was sentenced yesterday. So Tina had started to rebuild her life the best she could and now she has had to relive that

Do we take our Health Service for granted?

Do we take our Health Service for granted?

I have spent the last two days having a treatment called Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy, (E.C.P).I have this treatment for two days every two weeks, and have been on this regime for six months now, with at least another three months planned. It may have to continue beyond this period, depending on results.There are very few units in the country that provide this treatment and I have been lucky enough to have been referred to the major one in London. My journey since diagnosis, is well into it’s fifth year, and I don’t think that there has been any year where I haven’t been in hospital as an in patient, having some serious treatment. This includes a stem cell transplant and a top up of cells two years later, as the original

Does choice make our life difficult?

When I go looking to buy something, I like to see a good selection. Different colours, different brands, different prices. That is where the problem starts!!! I can find a reason to buy every version, but I have to choose only one. Now I am in turmoil, so many options. Am I going to make the right choice? Will I be happy when I get home? So many questions!! If when I went to the shop there was only one item in one colour, it would be easier, but I wouldn’t go back to that shop, as I feel I deserve to choose, and I want a selection. So I am knowingly putting myself into a state of confusion, but will always select the shops with the widest range of products. Also, when

Time to change our ways of working?

As I have mentioned several times in this blog, I come from a business background. I spent the best part of 30 years, building businesses from scratch or improving the efficiency of existing ones. Wherever I go, socially or business, I am always looking at how well the businesses work.I look at the staff, the service provided, the value for money, the environment, and the overall general efficiency. My wife thinks I am being nosy, but I am generally interested in all types of business. In most instances I know nothing about, the products of the business, ie manufacturing, catering, making cars, or fixing people, to name but a few. However in my experience, there are common elements to running any business. Product, cost price, selling price,  staff costs equipment costs, and providing

Working together

Last week, I was invited to attend a meeting where some work had been done with some ethnic groups to help understand why there are problems in their communities regarding cancer awareness. The fact that awareness is not as good as it could be, means that people get diagnosed much later than may have been possible, therefore their survival rates are that much worse.So it is important to find out why this is happening. It was well attended, with a really broad cross section of people. There were charity people, health professionals,senior people from the locality, senior politicians, and many people affected by cancer. A very broad selection of cultures, colours and backgrounds were represented. There were two pieces of research done. One with the Afro Caribbean community and one with the

It’s ok to laugh too!

Humour plays a very big part in my personality, and always has done. I have always been able to see the funny side of most situations, even if sometimes there doesn’t appear to be one! In my life before cancer, it certainly helped me with my work, as everyone remembered me as ‘that funny guy’ and in a very competitive industry, it seemed to give me an edge. When I started coming to hospital, I was  aware that things were going to be very different to what they had been, in many ways! I was spending a lot of time in waiting rooms, doctors offices, and the chemo ward.How was this going to affect my personality? Was I going to lose my sense of humour and get depressed? Ironically, that was

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