Feeling Tired!

Yesterday, was a really busy day. Meetings interviews and many phone calls. All positive stuff and great to be able to help when able. After a day like that I know that I have to take it easy, as my immune system will struggle and I can get sick very quickly. Also my blood treatment is taking it’s toll and by the time I have recovered sufficient energy from my previous treament, I am back having my next one. It is frustrating as my mind is so active but my body struggles to keep up. Still I have the experience to know when enough is enough. I am spending today at home,and later tonight I have a meeting at St Georges with my colleagues on the I.C.E group. We work

First Night Nerves!!!

First Night Nerves!!!

The time has come to officially launch my blog. It has been an extremely busy week for me, and has certainly had it’s ups and downs! The downs being my photopheresis treatment. I have this, for two days every two weeks, as part of my treatment for Graft v Host Disease which is affecting my muscles, and my ability to move properly. It involves being plugged into a machine for up to four hours. My blood is then treated under UV light and given back to me.   These days are very tiring, as they involve travelling into London, having the treatment, then travelling home. The same again the following day. Unfortunately like a lot of cancer patients I have poor veins and they can’t seem to find any

Hello and my very best wishes for 2012

Chris, What can I say? It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with you in 2011.I really value you commitment, passion, drive and ability to turn everything you touch into success.A personal thank you for all your hard work especially at times when you were unwell and always putting cancer patients as your number one priority. That’s pure dedication my friend. ps: Your blog looks fantastic. I am sure that you will populate it with lots of Chris’s epic stories. I am sure you have one, few, plenty to share! Wishing you all my very best wishes for the new year to come. Let’s hope it’s a healthy one.Lots of love to you and family.Nick x I am an official support partner of the Grove Hotel in Bournemouth.