How Do YOU Manage Risk In 2021?

Dealing with risk in 2021

We have been directly involved with covid for approximately 20 months. Our world as we know it has been turned upside down, whilst the virus has killed just short of 4.5m people across the globe! Now, healthcare has been overtaken…

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After A Terminal Cancer Diagnosis.

Cancer patient in hospice

Speaking to people affected by cancer on a daily basis I now hear more frequently about a ‘terminal diagnosis.’ There is a lot of confusion around this wording so for the readers I have taken some quotes from the wonderful…

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Using Technology In Cancer Support

Patient using OWise app.

Technology has been an incredible addition to our lives in recent years. I know not everything has been positive, but particularly through the covid times, most of us would have struggled without it. We have seen a giant leap in…

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Total Health Inequality In Our NHS

Covid genie showing problems of health austerity.

Firstly I have to admit that writing anything criticising our incredible National Health Service really hurts me! They have fixed us up as best they can, and delivered our children too. In my instance they have saved mine and my…

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Why Does Society Disable Us?

Disability Discrimination

There was one thing that struck me after trying to pick up my life post-cancer. That was the amount of discrimination I started to face. Everywhere I went to for help was of course interested in my newly acquired ‘disability.’…

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Why Our Healthcare MUST change!

Exhausted nurse

As months turn into years, I’m despairing at the lack of attention given to our healthcare in general. But of course, cancer in particular. Naturally, a lot will be laid at the door of covid, rightly so! But behind that…

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Failing Cancer Systems Are Killing Us!

Unfortunately, this is not just a sensational title to draw you in to read this post. That is not how I work! As I’m sure you are all aware, my blogs are all drawn from my own personal experiences of…

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Is Cancer Care Worse Due To Covid?

Very recently I was the co-author, with the incredible Roger Tempest, of one of the very few totally independent surveys about the current situation around cancer care in this country. Now we are able to publish the results. It shows…

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We Are Now At The Crossroads!

Not just for cancer but for all healthcare in this country. It’s not that long ago since lockdown commenced, although it seems like a generation. The world has since turned on it’s head in every industry. Whether we like it…

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This Is Failure Not An Achievement!

Those of us affected by cancer appreciate the true value of time. Many during covid have also learned it, plus the fragility of our health. One minute all’s well, the next you can be staring into the unknown. Then relying…

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The Breast Cancer Charity ‘Industry.’

One of the great joys of running this site is that we have wonderful friends around the world. This really enriches our knowledge and experiences. My conclusion is that most issues we have in the UK are common everywhere. One…

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Can We Ever Solve Cancer?

This post follows on from last weeks about the ‘Cancer Conspiracy,’ which was one of the most read in recent months. The more I look into the reasons for the current silence around cancer, the more I see more questions…

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