Dr Robin Youngson trained as an anaesthesiologist in the UK and worked for more than twenty years in New Zealand, becoming an advisor to the NZ government and the World Health Organization on patient safety and strategies for putting people at the centre of healthcare. His passion is re-humanising healthcare and strengthening caring and compassion, and this led him to found the international HEARTS in HEALTHCARE movement, and to write Time to Care, eventually prompting him to leave mainstream healthcare altogether to pursue a relatively new technique which he finds brings rapid help to patients with long-term conditions, in a way that's not currently possible through conventional medicine.

Developments in prostate imaging and why you should care On Focus

Marc Laniado, Consultant Urologist at The Focal Therapy Clinic and a leading innovator in imaging led diagnostics and targeted treatments for prostate cancer, joins OnFocus to discuss prostate imaging and reporting. Marc has been a dedicated pracititoner and vocal advocate for the rights of patients to be informed about their treatment choices from his base at Frimley Health, where he is prostate cancer lead at Wexham Park Hospital. He’s here today to talk about the crucial role that imaging plays in diagnosing and treating prostate cancer, and why a minimal standard of imaging and reporting is essential to successful diagnosis and treatment.
Chris spent approximately 25 years working for himself in the lady’s garment industry. During that time, he helped create a multi-million-pound business from scratch.
In 2007 Chris was diagnosed with incurable cancer. But has survived the extreme treatments and side effects, to become one of the most respected voices in the subject across the world. His website, (www.chris-cancercommunity.com) has won numerous awards since it’s inception in 2012. It was voted UK Health Blog of the year and is consistently voted in the top 10. Winning awards in the US too.