Cancer Care – the Patient Perspective CANCERTALK

Chris Lewis is a long-term survivor of cancer who has built a large following on social media through being prepared to 'tell it the way he sees it' about the state of cancer care in the UK and worldwide. He is openly critical of both the NHS and other key players in cancer care when it comes to listening to the needs of patients and building care that meets those needs. In this episode, Chris takes the opportunity to discuss the changes he wants to see with podcast hosts Senior Oncologist Dr Penny Kechagioglou and patient advocate Robin Daly.

UK cancer services — a campaigner’s experience On Focus

Joining me today is Chris Lewis, founder and CEO of Chris’s Cancer Community, an influential and impactful online community of cancer patients, recoverers, and those affected by cancer. The community has a significant online following (over 35k followers on Twitter) and Chris has shared his unique and substantial knowledge on the daily experience of living with cancer with charities, government organisations and businesses both in the UK and internationally. HE is one of the most knowledgeable, insightful and honest campaigners I’ve met, and I’m delighted to chat with him today about the current state of cancer services in the UK and what members of his community are telling him about it. https://www.chris-cancercommunity.com @christheeagle1
Chris spent approximately 25 years working for himself in the lady’s garment industry. During that time, he helped create a multi-million-pound business from scratch.
In 2007 Chris was diagnosed with incurable cancer. But has survived the extreme treatments and side effects, to become one of the most respected voices in the subject across the world. His website, (www.chris-cancercommunity.com) has won numerous awards since it’s inception in 2012. It was voted UK Health Blog of the year and is consistently voted in the top 10. Winning awards in the US too.