Politicians And Healthcare? No Thanks!

So we are now well into 2017, and so far very little has changed since 2016. Celebrity deaths continue apace, and every aspect of our society is becoming dogged by politics. Personally I have no interest in politics whatsoever. Politicians are generally overpaid wordsmiths looking to tie us up in knots, while they make a fabulous personal living. Politicians in Health care 3With all the streams of communication we have these days, I find it hard to believe anything that happens outside of my own house! If I were to judge the world by what I read in the paper or see on my television I would be in a permanent state of depression!

At the age of 60 I have seen many recessions, and bitter trade union disputes. Times when I thought any little money I did have, was going to disappear with the world economy. But I’m still here and as always looking to the future, whatever politics may bring! The saddest thing of all is that when I looked through my previous posts I found one I wrote in June 2014 entitled ‘The Politics Of HealthCare,’ talking about the meddling in healthcare by politicians. With nearly two and a half years gone past, we are still looking at the ‘N.H.S crisis’ and so many debates in the U.S regarding ‘Obama Care.’

Needless to say things are only getting worse for people who become sick, which is basically all of us if you think about it! While people sit around and discuss the state of health service, things regress by the minute. All we ever seem to do is want to play with words and political soundbites, and put any meaningful decisions into ‘the long grass.’ As we all know you cannot continue to just leave things and expect them to suddenly improve. This health crisis has been coming for many years but no Government wanted to deal effectively with it. Hoping we could just limp on until someone else takes over running the country. But it appears we have reached the point of no return.

The first subject that ever crops up in discussions is of course money. Naturally this is important, but not the only thing that needs to be talked about. There is always a culture of waste in all Government departments, and the N.H.S is one of the most guilty. There also needs to be a much more coordinated effort regarding the ‘patient pathway.’ Patients being moved around from department to department with clinicians that know little about the case. Of course communication being yet another basic skill that is so poor in a vast organisation.

We can all sit and blame each other for what has happened over the years, but we are where we are, and no amount of fighting will change that. Healthcare in the true sense of the word is something that is very difficult to equate to money, although of course that has to be done. The reality is that wherever we are in the world there is no endless budget to treat what ever we have and continue to care for us till the end of our days. The service that was created in 1948 was never designed to do what it is today. We have an aging population and more people are surviving with long term conditions, creating a totally different set of problems. There is also now a very diverse population creating it’s own unique issues.

We call our service a ‘British institution,’ of which we are rightly proud, but I would say that currently it is not fit for purpose. On a personal basis I have received and continue to receive incredible care, but I can see how things are changing. More run of the mill work is becoming difficult as the numbers seeking help swell. The system is chaotic and like most large Government run departments, there has been little long term planning, just constant short term ‘fire fighting.’ No political party really wanting to be responsible for making the changes that are required.

My feeling is that wherever we are in the world our healthcare systems are far too important to put into the hands of people who get paid to talk for a living!Politicians in healthcare 1 We need expert medical and business people to solve the issues that we have now and will get in the future. We are still living in the past with the way that we look after our health which is absolutely crazy in these days of technology. No more post code lotteries and luck, whether we survive or don’t. We are all equal and should be treated as such regarding our care.

Of course the Government is not responsible for our health, we are, and there is a lot that we can do to help ourselves which of course will help the system in the long term. But this is a society issue and will need looking into areas of education etc, to ensure our children understand the impact that their food choices may have on them. That is looking at the bigger picture.

It is now very difficult to avoid politics as it seems to have made the world very anxious and divided, but one thing that should bring us together is looking after our health and that of our children and grandchildren. Whatever view you have I think we must all agree that the current systems are no longer working and we need to have action to improve them. My personal view is that we should have the least necessary input from politicians, but what do you think? Please feel free to share your views below.




  1. Chris,

    I so agree.

    Here in the US, access to health care, continuity of care for young people and the removal of limits on health care were good things to come to come out of Obamacare. The rest is a mess. It’s financially unsustainable and unaffordable with some people seeing 100% increases in year to year policy costs. Most families face deductibles of $6500 or so PER PERSON on their policies. People who get subsidies love it (just like free cell phones!). For the rest of us who are subsidizing it, this has been a nightmare.

    Personally, I think we need to meld human care with a financially viable and affordable system. No tricks, no kickbacks. Just a solid product that introduces some price competition and transparency. Whatever that looks like, it’s nothing like we have now. Getting all the vested interests to think outside the box–lot’s of luck on that one!

    Be well! It’s one’s best bet!

    • You’re certainly right there Pat! We don’t have the same issues that you do, but ultimately things are still a mess. We have the frustration that our service is ‘free’ but now getting overwhelmed as there has been little investment for many years. Yours is very difficult based on a system where everything is judged on cost.

      There must be some middle ground! Of course as people are now living longer and surviving long term diseases, this is giving us different problems, but we cannot sit back and do nothing.

      I will certainly continue doing my best to keep this subject on the table!

      Good health to you too xxx

  2. Hi Chris
    Your post in June 2014 seems a lifetime ago and a lot has happened during that time – its coming up to 2 years since my wife succumbed to Chordoma not helped by the healthcare system in this country which you continue to challenge.
    I personally admire your fortitude as the experience has left me even now somewhat despondent and deflated. New grand children do however improve things.
    I took a look at your June 2014 post and was a little surprised to read/recall my almost prophetic thoughts on what can be achieved if you believe in something.
    Keep up the good work and you never know even Crystal Palace may turn the corner – on that note I had the pleasure of attending a Mark Steele show recently which as a non political person found highly entertaining. He shares your thoughts.

    • Hi Colin, I’m delighted to hear from you. Yes in many ways 2014 does indeed feel like a lifetime ago, and I guess that is where the frustration comes in. The fact that very little appears to have improved in that time.

      I remember very clearly the demanding issues that you faced, and I can certainly understand why you might feel deflated. I still believe that I can make a difference otherwise I would have stopped by now. We have also launched our project Your simPal which is giving practical help to anyone affected by cancer, and helping people stay connected.

      We can see the difference we now make to lives, and it is that the drives me on! My football team however do seem a very lost cause at this moment 🙁

      I totally get the grandchildren thing as I have two of my own, and I wish you well with whatever makes you happy Colin. My very best to you as always, Chris

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