Politics And Cancer, More Toxic Than Chemotherapy! 

I’m becoming more and more concerned as days go by. We have become so accepting of everything now. For some time, many of our senior politicians have been committing crimes and fraud. It get’s into the news for a couple of days. They resign, then we lurch to the next crisis. Over recent years this has caused our country to become so divided, it is impossible now to find enough people to agree on anything. Something which suits all politicians, but is destructive for us as a nation.

Politics is of no interest to me at all. I’m about getting things done effectively, which rarely happens with anything the Government has an involvement in. A system that was designed hundreds of years ago, with people paid to argue with each other, has no place in todays society in my opinion. We are currently on a global precipice, and if we can’t now start working together, I really can’t see any future for mankind.

These days, healthcare rarely makes the news. It feels like what clothes actors are wearing, or which celebrity is doing what to whom, seems more important to the majority of people. Most Governments including the UK, have deliberately avoided ANY decision making. Including sorting out the future of the NHS. So where does that leave the millions of people on waiting lists? Even more importantly the health of future generations, my grandchildren! One thing we know for certain is that the sector will be driven by the pharmaceutical industry. Where there is poor health there is money!!

I would certainly question our current system of ‘healthcare.’ It feels that we now have a National Prescription Service. We find the emotional impact of a visit to our GP, or a trip to A+E just too much to cope with. Certainly in recent years. By the time we have to attend, the issues have got so much worse. Inevitably we will be given medication or put onto another waiting list. Then asked why we didn’t go sooner. How can we expect to diagnose things earlier when we make the process so unbearable for most. Of course, the reality is that we don’t have the staff or equipment to do all the testing required anyway.

Bill Gates

Just last night I watched a programme filmed in a UK hospital, where surgeons were attempting to deal with the waiting list build up. Having to make heart breaking decisions, as resources were so limited. Yet again, waiting lists for people affected by cancer are still at their highest, with seemingly little improvement for so long. In simple terms, most operations will be more complex and expensive. Putting lives at risk unnecessarily. The entire health of the nation is getting worse, as the cost of living rises with anxiety. But most importantly our treatments are becoming more limited.

We are now in a perfect storm, with clueless or corrupt politicians watching on, as healthcare worsens by the hour. Despite what the soundbites say, the NHS is totally broken, and beyond economical repair. Which of course suits the pharmaceutical industry perfectly. They will of course thrive in these times of chaos. Taking advantage of global sickness. Many politicians working with the industry behind the scenes, to help increase profits.

I was near to tears watching on as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg talked about their ‘Healthcare Foundations’ recently. Two extremely powerful men, with poor personal reputations, moving into the top echelons of global health. In Gates instance, the WHO rarely move without his authority. Ensuring that large contract always go to his business partners creating monopolies. His work with covid vaccines being just a recent example. Do you really believe that much being worked on, is for the global good? Purely about profit now. Of course they must feed us some breakthroughs. But nothing in the scheme of the money and time invested. Little that will impact the general public in a reasonable time.

More fairy tales from Matt Hancock

As humans we all like to believe that we are in charge of our lives. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Global events and political decisions take most of the big ones away. We are now at the mercy of politicians for our health. This frightens me for the future of the world. The amount of corruption in the corridors of power is incredible. In my opinion there are still ways to improve things, but quite frankly there is no desire from the top level. Not just Government but NHS England and all their other spin-off organisations. Staying quiet whilst the health of our nation is being driven into the ground by corrupt politicians. Lying and cheating whilst we die because of their immoral decisions

Silence is collaboration, and we would expect a scientist at least to speak up on behalf of us. Most sat back and received honours for their silence. Feeding us political bullshit which most of it they knew not to be true. So who can we really trust? I have found everyone on the ‘frontline’ to be absolutely brilliant. But they can only do what they are told. We have now established that there is no change coming from the top. Unless we fight for our health now, we will be in a living nightmare. But still most people are ambivalent, more concerned with their daily issues, and fuel bills, than the long term health of this country.

As always, these are my personal opinions based on my experiences. Please feel free to share your own below.


  1. Hi Chris, hope all’s good with you & your family. Sadly, scientists / medics / whistleblowers who speak up tend to be censored, ridiculed as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists & lose their livelihood (or worse). Best wishes to you & your family. Deb X

  2. Hi Deb,

    All well this end thank you and I hope the same for you. I understand your comment totally. I receive so many messages from people working inside the service. The public deserve to know the truth about their healthcare or lack of. Particularly about the global politics in the cancer sector. I will keep battling away, I feel I must for my own contentment!
    Big love as always, Chris XXX

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