Recreation and relaxation

Its Monday morning and I am preparing myself for my latest appointment with my consultant @ St Georges. We meet every 2/3 weeks to discuss my progress. Unfortunately there are always problems. that is why the visits are so frequent. This time I have yet another cold coming and my inflamation markers are rising meaning I have something going on inside and they will have to do more tests!

Really enjoyed the w/end and it made me realise how important R+R is to people. I think we get so busy with work etc we forget that our body needs a break from it’s routine. Even though I don’t work, I have a routine, which more often than not involves hospital visits, which in themselves are tiring! Let alone if you put treatment into the equation.Not only do we need a break from the physical parts of our lives but just as importantly, the mental punishment that we are unknowingly enduring.

Personally I have only found two things that really take my mind off my situation. One I can’t mention on the blog, but the second one is football! As you may or may not know, I am a Palace fan, and I have found over the years that when I go to football with my family and meet up with all the people who sit around us, our sole purpose is to be involved with the game. I have been going for more than 40 years and know a lot of people, in different jobs, from different backgrounds, but when we are there, our common ground is football. For the best part of 2 hours nothing else comes into my mind! Others who don’t like football might also find it mind numbing in a different way!!

We also had dinner with 4 friends and it was so lovely to swap stories round the table. Everyone had a few drinks and a few laughs and we all came out of our real lives for a bit. I have found that my friends have been invaluable on this journey and I’m sure for some of them they have felt they have been with me every step of the way!!

I think I have established that relaxation doesn’t mean just sleeping or sitting in the chair, although that is fine too, sometimes I have to, as my body feels that it is closing down! Relaxation for me is just doing something that takes my mind away from things that make me feel negative.

The picture attached shows Selhurst Park and some pretty girls, also a vital ingredient to my R+R !!

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