The Bank Account Of Life

  1. Chris,
    Once again well observed about the quality of relationships and trust.
    Most people would see their life at a cost and soetimes fail to see the investment part.
    As a clinical practitioner, if I summed up my commitment to patient to one intervention and not demonstrated that we’re in this for a long term relationship, I don’t think that the quality of results we get would be realistic.
    Talking is an important factor and as once one said: You will not remember everyhting people say but you certainly will remember how they made you feel.
    Cancer offers more than physical symptoms and if you don’t truly approach the whole thing holistically, i don[t believe that we’re in for a winner (only temporary victories as part of the battle)
    Of course the military talk of fight, battle, bravery and courage are part of the landscape, I am also for peace offering: After all it’s not just a battle you are fighting, btu trying to understand how your temple (or body for the enlightened ones) respond to a specific situation.
    Don’t make war, make love the 60s would tel us. I think this is one of the reason people seemed to be happier in those days. It’s about love, self love.
    My main question to patient remains: I wouldn’t dream of asking Do you love yourself but ” How much do you love yourself?” If the answer is chocolate bar over strawberries or beer over Champagne, perhaps some serious paradigm shifting is required.
    In Ben and Jerry’s we trust.

    • Hi Nick,

      Thanks for your comments, and sharing your experiences as a clinical practitioner, which will be extremely valuable to the readers. I agree entirely about approaching things holistically over a longer term, and thankfully I do see evidence of that approach being more common now.

      “How much do we love ourselves?” That’s a good question, and in my experience, probably not as much as we should, and something most of us need to work on!

      Keep up the great work you are doing for people affected by cancer, good to have you as a contributor to the site, Chris

  2. Thank you Chris for your wise words, found I do the same now always talking non stop but that is how we learn. You sound a lot happier this week Chris I am very pleased, I know we do have down days and we are supposed to always have a smile on our faces BUT I will leave people to wonder!!! love to you and your family Georgine xx

    • Thx so much Georgine. I’m pretty much smiling all the time, as like you I have a lot to be happy about. Of course there are tough times, but everyone has those, that’s life! Have a great week xx

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