The joy of sharing!

The last 2 weeks have been quite difficult for me, as we are now reaching the festive period, but unfortunately my chest infection means that I am very limited to what I can do. In my life before cancer I was a party animal. When I wasn’t working I was socialising, both privately and in a business capacity. This aspect of my personality has not changed at all, as I really am a people lover. However, gone are the all night parties and late night drinking. No more dancing till dawn.A lot of my physically energy is lost to constant treatment, I am unable to taste my food, or drink alcohol! I am absolutely exhausted by about 11pm.This made me think seriously about what joys in life I had left! 

But then I had a ‘light bulb’ moment! My life is not only about me. Yes it is my life, but I am connected to so many others and I am in theirs too. I am part of my friends history, we have done so many things together over the years.Birthdays, Christmas’s, marriages, births and even deaths. We have shared experiences together. I have just returned from a Christmas party, which we have attended for many years. There are more than 100 of us celebrating together. Unfortunately I have missed a few of these in recent years due to bad health. But even though I was unwell, I knew that I had to go this year.


So many people were pleased to see me and there were many smiling faces. Some very moving private conversations too! My conclusion is that my joy now comes from sharing. All the highlights in my life have been shared with others. Anything I have achieved, has only really meant something, when shared, with people I care about. Nothing would mean anything without sharing it. 

Thankfully, I am around in the social media era. This is a tool that is perfect for sharing. Facts, figures, crazy quotes, pictures, information and support, can all be found, and shared easily. I know that if I see an interesting article or some helpful information, I am only too happy to share it.I feel some form of satisfaction, that I have been able to share the work of the writer, and also possibly by helping someone find the information they might need. I guess I am like an internet signpost for people affected by cancer. 

However, sharing doesn’t come easy to many. A lot of people prefer to be very private with their thoughts and deeds. That is fine too, but I can’t help feeling that they would find life much more pleasurable by talking to others, even about their problems. When I started this blog, my intention was to share my journey publicly and openly, to encourage other people to think about their own life. This is happening, and I am so pleased to hear from people who find this blog helpful. What is also happening is that by writing, a lot of negative emotion is coming out, and being replaced by positivity, as I see the audience growing rapidly.  

The real value of my life, is sharing what I have left, with others. My time is now about making memories. I am very lucky, and have many wonderful people in my life.Most of them haven’t just arrived, but have been their for years. Even my ‘cancer club,’ friends have been with me since I started this epic journey.My doctors and medical team, and all the people I work with in the charity sector, are now very much a part of my world.

In my business world, sharing just wasn’t really done, in case your competition stole your ideas. But since I have entered the world of cancer, I have given, and received, so much joy. If by sharing, I can improve someones life, I am a happy man. I am told I have a gift for talking to people. Whatever talent you may have, if you don’t use it to the benefit of others, it is wasted. Why do we have experience, if not to help others? Hopefully other people can learn from what worked, and what didn’t work, for you.

I have tried to take a personally negative experience, and make it a positive one for others. The part you all play in this, is also very important! It relies on you being the sharing type too! There is now a new  ‘Chris’s Cancer Community’ Facebook site to aid sharing. It would be much appreciated if you could click the LIKE button, and SHARE 🙂 Tu for playing your part!!!

Are you a sharer, or a more private person?  Do you get similar benefits to me when u share? 



  1. Thanks so much Catherine for those lovely comments. I do enjoy sharing, and bringing a smile to people if I can. Like all of us, I’m just doing what I’m able to do. Certainly used to enjoy parties, and had a lot of fun 🙂 Chris

  2. dear Chris,

    I haven’t been sharing much these last few weeks – recovery from radiation, then the onset of chemo, and the first holiday season without my Beloved, Hugh. this wonderful and insightful post is a wake up call to me that keeping in touch with all my boggy friends, true and real and loving and caring friends always pulls me out of feeling isolated, sad, and lost within myself. so here I am, reaching out to you,, dear Chris, and thanking you for all the support, kindness, and advocacy you so generously share with so many who are so lucky to know you, to read your blog, and feel connected.

    much love and light,


  3. Hi Karen

    Absolutely delighted to hear from you, but I’m sorry that things have been tough for you. As I have mentioned previously, Christmas is a particularly tough time of the year for people affected by cancer. I hope you are able to surround yourself with friends.But I do know that the support that is around via social media, will be here all over the festive period.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, they mean a lot. You know where I am. All the best till next time, Chris

  4. and all the best to you, Chris. I hope the holidays produce some happy surprises along the way! I love your blog, and thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments – that means so much to me.

    much love and light to you, my friend

    Karen, xoxo

  5. Hi Karen

    My best to you too. I’m really pleased that you feel able to comment, on the posts. For me it is very important to respond to people. If they take the time to read, and respond to my posts, then I must reply. It is what the blog is all about! I will write about something that is in my head to try and stimulate others to think about their lives too.

    A lot of people are shy, as you are well aware, and for many people it is very brave to sit and write about their personal feelings. I am sure you feel the same. Very important to respond Karen :)) Tu so much for your contribution. Your comments always provoke great interest as I know they are written from the heart. Chris xx

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