The power of nature!

In the last couple of months the weather has been absolutely crazy in the UK. I don’t think I can remember such a prolonged spell of wind and rain, in my life time. I have seen pictures of flooding and damage, that I could never imagine I would ever see, and in recent days, we have been hoping that our house withstands the constant battering we have received from the wind. So many peoples lives are being scarred by these events.

I have heard talk about long term plans, and Governments not spending money, so many different reasons for why we cannot cope with these circumstances. I’m sure you will all have your own ideas. Building on flood plains, dredging rivers, flood defences, the list goes on. I seem to recall we all had different answers when a few years ago, we were affected by blizzards. Not enough salt, services not reacting quickly, no snow ploughs, not enough investment. It seems we can always blame the Government!

However, I ask myself, does man always have the answer to what nature delivers? Sure, we can solve many problems nowadays with our extended knowledge, and technology, but it does seem that if nature really wants to do something, there is very little that man can do about it. Much as we have known for sometime what our weather will do, there is very little we can do to prevent the devastation that will occur.

Like a lot of people recently, I have stood by helplessly, watching the havoc taking place, and apart from a few obvious precautions I could take, there was little I could have done, if my own house had become directly involved in the crisis too. That feeling of helplessness is frightening. It feels like ‘control’ has been taken from you. It also makes you realise how insignificant we can feel.

During my illness I have experienced, many similar emotions to the ones I have recently.Despite very comforting words from Health Professionals, no one really knows how the disease will behave. We certainly have statistics, to act as a guide, but that is all it really is. Every case is unique, and we all react differently to things. 

There are times when you just have to have faith. Not necessarily religious, but many people do. Confidence, in your medical team, and the treatment they are giving you, and a belief that the best outcome will be achieved. But no matter how many new ways we find to treat cancer, it is a powerful adversary, and we can rarely be entirely confident that we have controlled things for long. 

Nature is not only a powerful enemy but at times a powerful friend. Helping you recover, from illness and giving you strength when you thought there was none. It also seems to have a unique way of teaching us lessons. I am currently writing this piece, in glorious sunshine, but reflecting on the things I have learnt in the last few months.

In the cancer world, we have an incredible amount of man power, and financial resource, going in to deal with it, yet it continues to leave it’s trail of devastation. Of course, we have to continue to believe we can find a cure, and treatments that will behave kinder on patients. This is always how man works. We try our hardest to achieve what seems impossible at times. I guess if you don’t head for the stars you will never climb a hill. In my own relatively short lifetime I have seen so many things happen, that I would never have thought possible. A testimony to man’s persistence!

However, I have come to the conclusion that despite all the meddling by mankind, nature will do what it wants, and we will have very little say in matters. We will always believe we are influencing certain things but I feel that is only a perception, and a far cry from reality. 

I hope that you haven’t been affected too badly, by this crazy weather pattern, which has affected many countries across the world. Please feel free to let me know your opinion of our relationship with nature. 

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