The Problems, And Changes I Would Make

Wherever you look there are problems in healthcare. It is difficult to isolate cancer from the failing system of course. My views have been consistent since I started writing. The cancer sector in it’s current form will never solve the issues unless we have a radical reset. Covid has highlighted and accelerated many of the problems. Our lack of action over many years is part of the problem. The largest one being that in my opinion, the world’s leadership has accepted the number of people dying from cancer!! This seems to be the price we are prepared to pay for a total lack of any joined up thinking.

For so many years, the major organisations have all ‘done their own thing.’ With NHS and other global healthcare organisations therefore restricted financially what treatment can be offered. My opinion is that things have regressed by at least 10 years. People affected by cancer can no longer feel confident that things will improve for them in the long term. I now feel less safe than I did in 2007 when I was diagnosed. With waiting lists now longer and treatment options more sparse.

Recently I was invited to share my thoughts on the Cancer Talk podcast. Please take time to have a listen and feel free to share your own opinions below.

Delivering Personalised Care CANCERTALK

Dr Nasha Winters, herself a very long-term survivor of teenage cancer with a dire prognosis, is on a mission to make metabolic treatment of cancer available everywhere. Her rigorous approach to managing cancer is underpinned by her firm opinion that it is only by leaving all protocol-driven methodologies behind and espousing truly personalised care that long term remissions with good quality of life can be consistently delivered.


  1. Good to hear you, Chris, thank you for your ongoing advocacy & activism on behalf of all cancer patients! Love to you & your family. Deb XXX

    • Hi Deb, thanks so much. I do a lot of interviews and I thought I should share one on the blog. It’s important to mix things up these days. It’s been listened to many times now, which is great.

      Big love as always to you guys XXXX

  2. I don’t actually share that view. If that were the case there wouldn’t be so many wonderful people doing incredible research to keep us alive. I do accept that many cancer patients were neglected because of Covid

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