Thyroid cancer experience? We need your help pls!!

Hi everyone. As you all know very well by now, I started this blog, to help people understand that the feeling of isolation was not unusual, when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.It is a problem that is very underestimated, amongst all the things rapidly occuring once the system starts moving.
It is something that is difficult for people to understand, if they haven’t experienced that situation themselves.When your diagnosis is received, normally family and friends join together in offering their support, both emotionally and physically. Then you have your medical team, who you get closer to as your treatment progresses. Your consultant becomes your new best friend, and the pharmacist knows you as a regular customer.
To add to the above, you have your fellow patients that you will meet regularly, in clinic or whilst having treatment. There are probably more people in your life than normal! So how can you feel isolated? Ironically for a disease that affects so many people, you really can feel on your own!
Why is that, you might ask?? I know that you will all have your own answer, but mine is that everyone is different. We can have the same cancer, same treatment, but very different outcomes. We all have very different domestic arrangements, financial issues, etc. So therefore, things are going to affect us differently.
In my experience, the best person to talk to is generally someone who has been through the process that you are about to begin. They can explain, in simple language what you might expect to face, and how they felt while they were undergoing treatment. Someone who is truly independent of your situation.
Recent patient surveys have shown that the two people that patients were least likely to talk toabout some of their personal issues they were facing was their doctor, and partner. People were always concerned that the doctor never really had time for them, and they didn’t want to worry their partner any more than necessary!
I have received the below, very moving request from one of the members of this blog, who is recently diagnosed, and is searching for someone who has had a similar experience which they would  be prepared to share.Is there any out there in our large community that can help??
Please contact me by either leaving a comment in the box below, or Twitter. Or there is a link to this ladies blog, where I am sure she would be very grateful to hear from you!
This is a perfect example of why we do what we do, and I would like to thank you in advance for your help. Please forward this link where you feel appropriate. Chris



“In the few weeks since I found out I have thyroid cancer, I have joined the Macmillan forum, and the thyroid group on there, with the hope of finding someone to connect too, a cancer buddy if you like, I know it is early days and I may find someone as time goes on who knows, but I know as much as friends and family try to offer support, I am feeling very alone and a whole lot lost.”

“Maybe I’m not looking in the right places.”

“Maybe it how all cancer patients feel.” 

“Maybe there should be a personal adds for cancer buddies.” 
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