Time, and how we choose to use it

Until my diagnosis, back in 2007, I was amongst the many people who never really gave time too much of a serious thought. I suppose that I was so busy in my own little bubble. I never really thought that it was limited! I imagined that it would always be there. Of course people die, but I wouldn’t be thinking about that for a period of time, and I was going to continue enjoying my life!

I had a bit of a life plan, meaning I knew roughly which direction I was heading, but was always aware that as I was getting older, my career options were narrowing, and I did have an end game strategy to finally give up work. My business was a young mans game and I was aware that I couldn’t go on too long.

However, when nature stepped in, all my decisions were taken away from me.It wasn’t my choice that was dictating any more, it was my health situation.This was a very alien situation to me. It meant there were things I had to do, before things I wanted to do.As things went along my situation has meant that I spend a lot of my days in a hospital environment, for either treatment or tests and check ups.

This has ensured that I revalue my use of time. I try and prioritise things differently now. I can now equate my medical life, to a job. Something I have to do, whether I like it or not. So I am not too dissimilar to many readers. A proportion of my life is spent on something that is not my choice. Now the choice issue opens up. For me, the most important way to spend time is with my family and friends. Maybe it is an age thing, but special times with friends mean so much more than material things.

Even though many of my friends have retired now, it is still difficult to make a plan, due to either our, or their commitments. Months can go by, when we don’t see each other, and if you aren’t careful, you can get out of the habit, and then years go past.Everyone leads busy lives, and I know that it is difficult to arrange to see my own son and his family, as they work, and their weekends are full of social arrangements.
This got me thinking about social media. A lot of people use it now. Certainly, for the younger generation it is a way of life. Some of us older guys are just getting used to it! Does it add to our lives, or take something away? I wonder whether it is taking away our social skills, because it is certainly easier to communicate by computer.I notice much more frequently that people text, or email, rather than pick up the phone. Even I have started doing that! Maybe it is a good thing? It is certainly a new style.I worry that people think that because they spend ages updating Facebook etc, or Skypeing their pals, that this is what a good relationship is.

We all let each other know how busy we are, I don’t know why, but we gain some comfort from that! However, I have seen, particularly in recent times, with The Jubilee celebrations, and the massive summer of sport that we are having, including the Olympics of course, that people can find time for things if they really want to. Wimbledon, Euro2012, golf, cricket etc. a lot of my friends and colleagues got tickets to go to these various events, as they were considered ‘must do’s’. I fully understand that, but my point is that there is always time to do something that you really want to. You will find it!

How we spend our time is our choice, that is the fun of life, and that is what makes it interesting. The fact that we are all different, and have different priorities. What is the answer? Do we ‘ live for the day, ‘ ‘ there’s always tomorrow ‘ ‘ worry about tomorrow when it comes ‘  Maybe not thinking too hard is the answer!! Just be happy being lost in our own bubble? It was working well for me. Sometimes, ‘ ignorance is bliss ‘.

From my various experiences about the value of time, one saying sums it up for me, and that is ” Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today”

How do you spend your time, and does social media, enhance your life?


  1. Chris

    Your blogs make me think a lot. You said how during a game of football for an hour you can forget all the other things happening in your life. I’m not much of a sports appreciator but even I am impressed by the Olympics. The opening ceremony was magnificent, and I find myself holding my breath sometimes, like the rowing contest yesterday when we were leading until the last moment.

    You also made me think a lot when you talked about how we like to be in control. Yes we are responsible for our attitudes and how we choose to live. On another level how we earn our living is dictated by our background and education largely, so maybe we are less in control that we admit to ourselves. But moving from apparent control to a high level of dependency must be really hard!

    What I’m learning from you and life, is to really appreciate everything, sunshine, rain the lot.


  2. Hi Susan

    I’m very happy that you are enjoying the blog posts.I have always thought a lot about life, but with my current circumstances, I find myself with the time to write about them.
    You summed up your comments brilliantly. It is one of the messages that I am trying to get across. I really do appreciate every day, but I think that it has taken my illness to show me that. It is why I try to encourage people to think just a little more, about their life.
    Writing this blog is very time consuming, but comments like yours make it so worthwhile! It is fantastic, to be able to reach so many people.
    Many thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts.

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