Urgent Help Please (UK only)

The BBC is looking at cancer and delayed treatment times. Have you been, or are you currently waiting more than 2 months to start your cancer treatment? You would need to be filmed, and the programme will be broadcast next week.

This will be a very important piece of work and key publicity to help improve the dreadful situation with our cancer services. Please share this with anyone who might fit the bill. Thank you!

Please mail Chris Lewis for further details christheeagle@hotmail.co.uk


  1. Hi Chris, I’ve shared the link on my personal FB profile; on my three womb cancer pages; in both my womb cancer support groups; plus it’s visible via my Womb Cancer Info website. Will also check LinkedIn in case you have it there to share. Deb XX

    • Thanks so much Deb! This is for a BBC film to highlight the sad state of affairs in cancer. It will be great if we can find the right person for them. Very much appreciated XXX

    • Thank you so much Dianne. BBC have come to me to help do an article about the cancer delays. Hoping we can find the right person for them. XX

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