Why I do what I do!

‘How many people have been blessed through the suffering that you and your family has gone through, that has brought you to where you are now- doing great things to help bring hope to people that might not see much hope?  So many, I’m sure.  I know it’s easy for someone like me to talk lightly about suffering, but I really do think that, although God doesn’t cause suffering, he’ll often turn it into a great power for good and I see that, in what’s happening in your life.

I know you don’t believe all the things that I believe about Jesus, but he is God and we are all made in his image and the only way the good stuff he wants, gets done, is if we do it.  You are doing it  – lots of people talk about it, but you’re doing it – and I know He will bless you for it.

Like it or not, you have a ministry and may God bless you and the people you work with.  I’m so pleased to be your friend and to see you looking so well. 

I keep sending up those prayers that you stay in remission, so that this thing goes away completely – just think how  even more  would get done if you were 100%!’
I have been unsure whether to start with the above, or end with it, but thought that if you read it first you would understand why I am writing this. I have been writing this blog for just over one month now. I have never written anything much since my botched O’levels, back when cavemen walked the earth. But as you know, I wanted to find a way to communicate with a wider audience of people affected by cancer. So with a seed of an idea, and the help of some experts, this blog was created.

Without any corporate sponsorship or advertising we are now followed in places like America and Russia, and have gone past our 1200th view. This is working by word of mouth only, which is incredible.

I have received so many calls, emails, tweets and Face Book messages, from people telling me how much they love reading the posts. I always say please write your comments on the blog, but people seem shy when it comes to a blog? The fact that so many people are enjoying it is the main thing.

However I couldn’t let the above message go without copying it into todays post. That came to me in an email and I was reading it on the train. If anyone was watching me, my expression must have been a picture. I was extremely moved by this. The sender, as always, is happy for me to make this public.

It made me think, that my blog is stimulating thoughts in people, and maybe making them think about subjects that they otherwise wouldn’t have. It prompted me to think about Faith. So many people believe different things, and in a lot of cases it is their faith that gets them through. No one knows who is right or who is wrong but it is a very individual thing.

My personal feeling is, that if it does it for you then it is good! On my journey, I have seen a lot of people turn to their faith and find great strength from it. I certainly have spent a lot of time thinking about faith, whilst in isolation treatment, and there is certainly plenty of religious/spiritual support around the hospital. At St Georges, we have a very multicultural range of patients and lots of different beliefs. I have friends of different faiths from all over the world, very kindly saying prayers for me, which is wonderful. Maybe it is that power which is keeping me going?

I would like to thank the sender for the above, and it is very heartening to know that you are all enjoying this work. Please feel free to add your own comments.

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