Why My Work Will Be Changing Now

The word I am hearing and using most in recent months is CHANGE. Since covid, the world will never be what it was, and neither will we! Our personal hierarchy of priorities is changing daily. Inflation, work, politics, health amongst many others. Some are totally out of our control, but others we can influence by changing things in our personal lives.

Thankfully I have a business background, and am used to rapid change and trying to innovate. Plus as I am getting older and work for myself, so there are more choices for me. Pre covid, our cancer care was not where it should have been. Lagging well behind many countries that have similar systems. I personally believe the people in charge have accepted the death figures, 450/day! Also, that cancer is a difficult enemy where whatever we do will never solve things.

Man being showered in cash

All organisations were ‘coasting,’ with everyone taking money from the ‘cancer trough.’ From pharmaceuticals to charities. Now people are waking up to the nightmare that is now awaiting them. Massive delays in the NHS, and much important research halted. Inevitably many people will die unnecessarily in numbers far higher than the virus. My services are required even more now, than when I started.

It is important to remain focussed in such challenging times. I believe many key players in our sector have lost theirs. Most of the larger charities are trying to hang onto their brand, many still reaching for ideas that have previously not worked. They are getting further out of touch with our changing requirements. Of course our NHS is just trying to survive daily. So who do the increasing number of people affected by cancer turn to?

Demand for my time has increased dramatically in the last six months, moving from cancer into more general healthcare. So I am making some big changes about the way I work. I have to shut off the increase in ‘white noise’ around me. I will therefore be closing my FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM accounts, both personally, and for SimPal. They are adding very little and take time to feed with regular and engaging content. These were really fun during the lockdown but are now massive distractions. I will now only be engaging on Twitter. LinkedIn, or directly through my website.

I will also be attending far less meetings, either online or physically. They are simply not productive for ME, and yet another distraction from my real goals. My intention was always to work inside the system with services that exist, but unfortunately that is truly impossible now. Cancer services and support are in decline and I will need to be fully focussed.

Looking at things logically, I am at capacity with my personal and charity work, so have no need to be on every platform. Shouting about services I will then struggle to deliver. I have been doing this work for at least eleven years, and if people don’t know me now, I guess they never will. There is still the need to keep things under strong control, with so many outside influences trying to blow you off course.

All organisations, big and small must now adapt to our new found world. How that is done will determine the success or failure of businesses. As we get older, the less inclined we are to embrace change, but it is coming! Not all change is bad of course, many of our old ways of working have been outdated. How ‘stone age’ does it feel with everyone going to an office for a fixed time, then leaving at the same time? Jamming up the transport networks and polluting the planet as they do so.

Now is the opportunity for us to “be the change we wish to see in the world!” Don’t be frightened to make changes in your own life. Everything has to earn it’s place in your busy schedule. Maybe the way you did things a couple of years ago is not appropriate now? This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your family. Of course we need money to get by, but health and time are things that cannot be purchased.

Having made the decision to drastically streamline my work has renewed my enthusiasm for it. With the constant battle for new content and engagement gone, I can focus on what truly counts. Please accept my apologies if you only use those channels to connect with me. But you can subscribe to my blog at the bottom of the site, send me a mail from here, or follow on Twitter @christheeagle1.

Are you thinking of making any changes in your life? Please feel free to drop me a note in the comments below.


  1. Hi Chris

    I totally understand. You must come first with your family and health. See you on the other platforms. I will always continue to ask people if they have heard of you ☺️

    Changes:I too decided to focus a bit more on myself. I do what is right for me, when it is right for me.

    • Hi Cheryl, thank you so much for your understanding. I have been thinking of cutting my social media back for some time. Gone are the days that you need to have a presence on every platform. It really is impossible to produce good content for all. There are still several ways we can all keep in touch.

      We must always ensure that we have gas in our own tank before we are able to help others. I’m glad to hear you are taking time for yourself when required. Probably something we don’t do enough?

      Big love to you and yours XXXX

  2. It can be hard to prioritise things especially when we have invested so much time & effort & so much of ourselves in what we do, because we are so passionate about it but our health has a way of making us focus on what we do and the need to make changes in the way we do it.
    You will always be someone who does, and will continue to, make a difference but you need to put number one first and as I know from experience that can sometimes be a hard thing to do.
    Keep up the great work that you do, I will continue to follow & support you via Twitter.
    Stay safe & happy.
    Take care Chris.

    • Hi Kaz,

      Firstly I would like to thank you for your incredible support since I have started this project! I know that you really get why I do it.

      It is indeed important to prioritise particularly as we are getting older and living with increasing side effects. From a business perspective the other channels were not really paying their way. So leaving them to focus on the ones that are seems logical. I’m no longer in the place where I have to be on every platform. Those that need me know where I’ll be.

      I’m always happy knowing that I’m doing my best Kaz. Our time is the most important thing now.

      Big love to you and yours as we enter yet another uncertain stage in our lives, XXXX

  3. Hi Chris, I totally understand this need for change in a way that’s best for you & your health!

    We’re connected on both LinkedIn & Twitter, plus I’m subscribed here too, so I’ll still be able to follow / share your work which I’m pleased about.

    There have been big changes in my life since 2020. Although I’m still heavily involved with AWC & WCI, as well as Womb Cancer (in Scotland) & still running an online private support group, I retired from education in 2020. Last year I qualified as an accredited coach with NLP, became a Director of Brain Health Breakthrough CIC & trained as a LIFEDESIGN Facilitator. I should qualify as an NLP Practitioner soon this year.

    So life looks rather different for me as a result of Covid! I have a smaller income but more time – believe it or not! – as I control what I do / prioritise my own schedule. I try not to spend my life on Zoom!! And have other projects in the pipeline.

    I wish you the very best of luck with your ongoing work, Chris. Stay safe & keep well.

    Love to you & your family, Deb Xxx

    • Hi Deb,

      I’m absolutely thrilled to hear your own progress Deb! Excited for what positive things may be in front of you. Covid certainly has changed your life too and delighted that you find yourself with both time and choice. Not about income for either of us at this stage in our lives.

      Big love to you and your as always, and if I can help with anything please don’t hesitate to get in touch, Chris XXXXX

  4. I may have just lost my reply so, just in case, I’ll wish you the best of luck with all your changes!

    Love to you & your family, Deb Xxx

  5. Thanks very much for sharing your realisations and choices with us Chris, I think this will help many people evaluate what they prioritise in their own lives. Your commitment to helping those affected by cancer is inspiring (and needed!) and I’m sure you’ll continue to make a difference in many people’s lives with your renewed focus. You are so right that we cannot buy health or time, but when we put the human being first, those things naturally flow more easily too. Take care x

    • Hi Vicks,

      I know you understand why I have come to these conclusions. It is too easy to think that social media is an easy way of doing things. It can be if we are using it effectively. Blanket cover is no longer good for me. I also want some exclusivity about my work, and not be plastered everywhere. What I offer is quite unique and by controlling the platforms I use it will also appear that way.

      People who need my help will still be able to find me, which is the most important thing! This will give me more time for the important F2F work which is key to what I do.

      Thank you for your support as always and wish you well in your own quest, Chris X

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