Wonderful People

Had an awful journey last night to my meeting. Arrived late, (Which i hate!!)  awful traffic, even at half term. Plenty of meaty subjects to discuss and we had most members in attendence, which made for a lively meeting.

At the end of the meeting I was presented with a hand made card, and a bottle of fiz, to celebrate being selected for the TV show.What a lovely suprise!! It is so lovely that most of the areas of my work will be represented on the show. This is a testimony to all the fantastic people that I work with. Without their help I couldn’t do what I do. A fitting tribute and thank you all. It is a pleasure working with you!

That made me think! A lot of the people who are so important to me in my life now, I would never have met if I hadn’t got sick. I feel that I am so lucky in many ways. I’m sure that some of you reading this will think I have gone mad. Maybe I have, but I feel that way. I can’t remember life before these people.

Since my diagnosis I have inhabited a very different world to what I was used to. However, wherever I have been I have always been made to feel welcome. So many of the situations I encountered were alien to me, but I was always treated with kindness and compassion.I was extremely inexperienced wherever I was, but people always took time to help me.

Having worked for myself for so long, I feel that it took me a long time to adapt to being part of a team. There are still many times when I lack the patience, I feel I should have by now. But people have aways accepted me for who I am. For that I am extremely grateful, and helps drive me on. I am only pleased that I had developed skills in my life BC (before cancer!) that can be of use to people now.

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